Monday, September 10, 2012

It's a good thing I didn't blog yesterday

It's good that I didn't blog yesterday because I was feeling really grumpy. Then I did the only sensible thing for a girl to do, I called my sister and she made me laugh and now I feel better.
photo shamelessly shoplifted from facebook. p.s. look at those baby thighs. could you just die from the schmoosh??

Some days are just like that, and it's sort of funny because I think feeling super lonely and invisible at church sort of pushed me over an edge that I didn't realize I was even close to falling off. I got out of church and didn't talk at all until we got home and then John asked what was the matter and I sorta yelled at him and then broke down into pathetic sobbing over my turkey sandwich. Everyone looked at me like the overdramatic freak of nature I was being and left me in peace until I could pull myself together enough to finish lunch and then lay down for a few minutes.

please excuse the fact that I never blog about my photos, I just post random photos to my random posts. it's a sickness
I think it was the first major cry that I have let myself have since all of this moving business. I have had a few small cries, but this was a doozy, and as always, I felt better afterwards.

 I think I just felt tired. I just felt dog-tired of change and of invisibility and of my mullet-esque haircut. Let's face it, the mullet alone is enough to make a girl cry. no photo of the mullet will be forthcoming.
when I make the kids mickey mouse pancakes, John insists on one too. looks more like a pig pancake to me.

But the good news is that I made a friend that drops her son off at the same bus stop as Maddy, and we even went on a yogurt mom date with our kids after school on Friday, and it was very fun. She lives just a street over, and we walk and talk after the bus stop drops, and I think, wow, she is so easy to connect with and I barely know her. I know everything will get better. This time of year is just the time of year that I want to have friends for parties and book clubs and talking about school stuff and our kids.
fro yo baby (it was soooo good, and I don't usually like frozen yogurt. turns out it was soy based?? what in the world? Apparently I am a hippy now).

Lastly, I want to inform you all that we are now the proud owners of a pair of second hand laundry machines. This made the whole weekend overall awesome--well maybe John doesn't feel that way since he had to take two trips to haul them home and then install them. :) I got an AMAZING deal on them (one of them still had the original price tag on it for $750 and is only a year old) and we paid a pittance for them. I almost felt guilty for paying so little, but the guy was moving that same day and just got a divorce and he just needed them gone. Craigslist, you complete me. We are so happy not to have to travel to do laundry. (thanks Jane and Terry! mwah! I will take you out to soy fro yo when you get here!)

scenes from our traditional game night on Sunday

I don't post enough photos of this guy. he's cute.
So that's my little weekend in a nutshell. Coming soon is a humorous post about the day in the life of a mother of a crazy almost two year old. Sounds boring, but I decided I wanted to answer once and for all the question of what I do all day, and I why I fall exhausted into bed every night lately. Mostly for myself. Be ready for thrills and chills (more like spills and...something else that rhymes). ha!


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Well if it makes you feel any better...I am going on nearly 3 years and I am still the odd man out...but I try to invite people all over the place, but usually no one wants to do a dang thing. I think it is because I am a Yankee:) I don't belive in the "southern bell" crap where you can't have a mind and the only thing you are good at is looking "hot." Really? I fight the mold, I guess. But, I take it on as a personal duty to talk to all the new people, it is sad, our ward is very well off and not so kind to those that don't "look the part." I could say more, but I won't. But, just know you aren't alone.

And I hear ya about the soon to be 2 year olds....they are so tiring! Yesterday in SS the instructor was saying how problems come because people have so much idle time...with all of our modern conveniences...she said, most of us probably have a hard time sleeping at night because our bodies aren't tried....I certainly don't have that problem!

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

jane said...

Firstly, give yourself a little breathing space, and feel the love and hugs surrounding you. Sit down in a chair and read the handwriting on the wall: You have been running in super-mom mode for the last how many months!!??

In the past 20 months, you've have a baby, faced down some serious health issues for yourself, the baby and your husband, (thank goodness Maddy has been relatively well!) weathered two job layoffs, sold a house, found a new place, moved into a totally new to you state, kept your family together (I never managed to do that but once, in our 11 moves!!) and you're STILL STANDING!! (well, except you're sitting at the moment:)

It is ok to have a good cry. I expect you should probably have a couple more before you start feeling like a Savage again! (sorry, it comes with the territory, when you marry into this family!)

Once you have enough of that out of your system to feel like tackling the next thing....I am sorry you are not in one of those super-friendly wards (that exist only in the City of Enoch!), but you are in the mission field.

So here is your mission. Call the RS president and ask who your vt are. Call them and chat. Invite them over. Ask each one to introduce you to one of their friends. That makes 5 people, potential friends, who will at least have seen your mullet cut, which is more than we have.

Enjoy the friend on the next block. And take another time out and enjoy all you have accomplished. The more credit you give yourself, internally, the more credibility others will see in you. You are about the best person I know (except maybe for that sweet husband of yours!) and that secret will not be kept hidden for long!

love and hugs

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

Above post is awesome. My sister-in-law had the same experience in her ward in Maryland. Maybe it's an East Coast thing??? If you want to move to Tokyo, I'd definitely hangout and be your friend.

I was going to recommend finding a family that has kids your kids age. Ask Maddi if she's made a friend in Primary...Then invite them over for Sunday dinner! You can always use the kids as an excuse for you to make friends. :) Isn't that was park days are really about?

Missy said...

Ha! That Barbie Maddy is holding I thought you were going to reference it's hair to how you were feeling after church. ;) so sorry things didn't turn out like you hoped. I thought church outside of Utah was even more of a family feeling. Well, it can only get better, right? And being the game players that we are, I MUST know what that game you play is called!

Emily Foley said...

Whoa! This is different! (the blog look, i mean.) Moving always sucks. It didn't take me very long to make friends here because there are the hard core natives that love it here and then there are those like me, that hate it and know it's temporary. We found each other and we love each other. Also, book club! Best thing I ever did. I remember our first married ward at BYU I would walk into RS, sit down, and have an ENTIRE ROW TO MYSELF. Literally not one person would sit by me, and the room would be packed. It took 2 full years and a calling as RS secretary before I finally made friends. It was horrible. Also I have to say, our ward is not the city of Enoch but it is super friendly, the best ward I've probably ever been in. I love it. Sorry. :)

Go ahead and cry. It's okay. It'll get better.

Robin said...

I could have written that entire post. Seriously. Especially the part about being quiet all the way home from church and then bursting into tears! I've done that! Moving is... so... hard. It's frustrating. I honestly never make any friends whenever I move. We've tried inviting people over, but it's usually awkward and they never invite us in return. I'd like to think I'm at least semi-normal, but... apparently not or something. I totally, TOTALLY feel for you. I keep hoping I'll fit in somewhere (6 moves in 9 years, each in a different ward), but alas, it hasn't happened yet. I don't want to depress you, but seriously, know you are not alone in this. Some people seem to have this magical gift and they make friends easily. Maybe some day we'll be like that!