Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's face it, I am on a roll

this is two blog posts in the same day. that's pretty awesome for me, the person who has become slightly anti-her-own-blog lately. So let's have a moment of silence to appreciate this very special two blog posts in one day occasion.
i added this photo for dramatic tension. well no, mostly, for dramatic cuteness
The main reason for coming on is that it has come to my attention that a few silent but inquiring readers (namely, my awesome aunts and Trishy), have all wondered whether we just moved out here to Charlotte without a job. I guess I didn't shout it from the rooftops like I usually do with every other single piece of vaguely important news that happens to us. I would like to apologize for not being very forthcoming these days. I want to reassure everyone that we had a job when we moved here. John is still a programmer. In fact, if you are interested in these sort of details, he was sort of moved to the next tier in programmer status. His official job title is "Senior (whoop whoop!) Web Developer. Up until now he has been considered Mid-Level. It makes me proud, it makes John feel all sorts of inadequate because he's sort of humble and sweet like that. Above all, I want to stress that John's greatest desire is to stay with this company for a good long while. He is working for a company called Baker and Taylor. The funny thing about this company is that they have been around for over a hundred years (unusual for a "tech" company). They are the company that does the behind the scenes sort of things for libraries around the country. They do the programs that keep track of library books, and orders the books that librarians want, etc. Hopefully John will eventually get to work on some things they may do with ebook readers and libraries. Right now he is working on other projects and learning the ropes. So far, so good.

Hopefully I have reassured some folks that have been worrying a bit over us. It has been a challenging move, but we are on the right track.

Lastly, tonight I was thinking about one of my friends. She will be surprised to read about herself I am sure. I was thinking of my friend Missy. I was remembering how it was when I moved into our very first home, the townhouse back in Tooele. Missy and her husband knew my sister (she worked with Missy's husband), and we ended up moving down the road from them. The first day we moved in, Missy sent down (via her husband that she sent over to help us move in) a meal of chicken salad with croissants to make sandwiches. I was so touched and amazed by her kindness to someone that she only knew of, but had never met. But her kindness didn't stop there. She called me a few days later and invited me over, a few of her friends were coming over to play in a baby pool in her backyard. Even though I only had a brand new baby (literally Maddy was maybe a week and a half old) and not a older kid that could play in the pool, I was so thrilled to be invited that I walked over and just sat and chatted.

Later, Missy would go on to invite us over to watch The Office after her girls were in bed, and Maddy hung out with us. She invited me to go walking with her (my efforts in this were laughable at best). She was always so inclusive, welcoming, and kind. She never acted like her actions were any big deal, and it never felt awkward, like she was doing it because it was something she felt like she had to do.

So once again, I am the new person, and I realize what a gift my friend has, and I'll bet she isn't even aware of it. It is easy to see that Missy is a nice person from this story, but what may be less noticeable is the fact that she is a brave person. On my side, it is easy to think, "Well of course she would know that I would be so grateful for that food! And for the invites." But, aren't we all in Missy's shoes more often than not? And how often do we talk ourselves out of doing those same sort of things because we are afraid? I know I have been guilty of it for sure.

It has taken me awhile to fully appreciate how awesome Missy's gift is, and all I can say is that someday I hope I can be just like her.


jane said...

love the pix! T used to give John rides on his knee like that.

And book orders are a need, not a want. :)

I hope you can keep your daily to do lists short for awhile, and just catch your breath!

love and hugs

Kelly said...

Missy is awesome! I am so glad you have a friend like her! This made me teary eyed! Now I get to read the next post!

luvnmy10 said...

Your friend missy has a quality I aspire to have. It's hard for me to extend outside of my own comfort zone. Fear of not being liked or accepted or thinking why would someone want to hang out with me, what do I have to offer. I am working on simply saying hello to new people at church and new neighbors, but beyond that is really hard? Good GeForce Missy and her exmple of kindness, the real genuine type? Thanks for the reminder : ), and for the record I figured you had a job in Charlotte, just didn't realize how awesome it was!

Missy said...

Uh...I don't even know what to say!? Wow. That is SUCH a NICE compliment. Shawn and I just felt like we had a connection to you guys and REALLY wanted you to like it there. I actually have a friend like that where SHE made the effort to ask me to do things with her and we're still good friends. I guess she taught me how it was done and I got to try it on you! Good thing it worked and that you didn't think I was a stalker!;) It is hard being the new person and trying to figure out where you fit in, but most people do want to make friends...we just don't know how to or think people are too busy. Common ground is a great place to start, I think that's why we clicked in more ways than one. You are awesome and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. Love you, Jen!

maugers said...

I'm behind! I hate having to read all your posts quickly (because I haven't read in a while) because then I don't get to savour them. Well, I'm glad Kindergarten went well, and I'm sorry about John's job and then really happy for his new one. Missy sounds like an awesome person, someone I want to be. AND, I'm sure you're not the only mom who takes millions of pictures on the first day of school :) At our school the kids ride the bus, the parents follow the bus in their cars, then they video tape their kids getting OFF the bus and asking them how their "first bus ride" was! I thought it was dumb, but now I kind of wish I did it...

Now for your answers... Lydia is in 1/2 day (it's $300/month for full day here). I am very busy doing all the things I've always wanted to do during those 3 hours (showering, reading scriptures, exercising, reading a book, doing nothing!) It's invigorating :) I'm glad you guys are getting back to peaceful times again. Thanks for all the updates!