Monday, September 17, 2012

pictures to please

 this post is full of photos bound to please grandmothers. They may bore you, I apologize. I cannot, however, apologize for the cuteness. That would be morally wrong. But I have approximately two other posts I want to make beyond this one, so maybe I'll have time to be interesting later.
 Turns out playing in the tub is fun even without water

 We had a big weekend. This photo is a sort of shout out to my friends Jodi and Anne. I went to Allison's husband's surprise party this weekend. They had a snowcone machine and a bounce house. It was pretty much the best kid party that was for an adult that I've ever been to. :)

 Funnily enough I didn't get a photo with Allison or her family in it. They were running all around making sure things were done and people were happy, but hopefully we're going to get together soon. It was really awesome to see her and her two cute kids!

 No, they didn't have a carousel at the party too, ha. The mall had one and we wanted to show Daddy the giant fish at Bass Pro shop, so we walked around and let the kids have a ride. Maddy loved it.

 Grant did not love it.
 He got so scared on the horse that John took him to the seat. That freaked him out too. ha! I love John's face in this photo.

 Then we spent fifty cents and John did the shooting range in Bass Pro shop.
 Grant was suitably impressed.
 Maddy had a turn too.

 Sometimes the Blur hits the road. Other times, he hits my foot.
 Playing Barbies and singing. Such a happy cute girl
 This is what you wear when the weather is cold in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon.
 This is what you do when your backyard is a hill (she just finished rolling down it, in case her spread eagle dead person pose didn't clue you in).
G-Money playing in our cute little playroom.

This post was a photo dump if there ever was one. :)


Anne said...
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Jodi & Chris Reeve said...
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jane said...

You nailed it--this grandma loved the photo dump! No need to apologize for such cute kids!

Emily Foley said...

I love that playroom! And the faces on the carousel. Awesome.