Wednesday, September 19, 2012

small moments

 First of all, let me apologize for continuing to assault everyone's eyes with horribly-lit unedited cell phone pictures. this is just the reality of my life. my nice camera stays tucked away, and my phone is always handy.  That's the life of a mom I guess.

Anyway, I finally gave into the halloween decorations at walmart and bought some cheap cups and my kids went crazy for them as anticipated. Wouldn't it be nice to be as easily pleased as kids are?? (also love that Maddy is lifting Grant up for the photo)

Now on to other stuff that happened/caught my fancy.

 I snapped a photo of an advertisement in a magazine while waiting in line at Walmart because I was SO excited. You all know of my deep and abiding love of all things Sherlock Holmes. I am concerned about the fact that Lucy Liu is involved in this project (due to her lack of apparent acting ability), but I'll give it a chance. Only very few know of how truly deep my love of Sherlock goes. I tried to convince John to name Grant Watson. I almost convinced him too. :)
 This photo makes me happy in so many ways that I can't even tell you. I love the way they are nestled up together covered in her pink fluffy blanket. I love how relaxed and trusting she looks in her daddy's arms. I love that this happens every single night of her life. She is such a lucky girl. I'm a lucky girl too.
 I snuck in to take these pictures because every once in a while it occurs to me that the things I will miss most about my kids growing up are probably going to end up the things that I take for granted now, like reading stories at bedtime. So I try to capture the small moments.
 Small moments like everyone sitting on the floor, going through laundry and clothes together.
 And Grant playing in the playplace with a very determined look.
 Or Maddy coocooning herself into that same fluffy pink blanket fresh from the dryer.
Or Grant discovering what pockets are for the first time while waiting for Maddy's bus to arrive.
Or the cutest boys in the world snuggling on the couch with blankey and Hobbes the stuffed Tiger.

The small moments are good.


liz said...

Grant sounds a lot like my Elliott. I feel like constantly chasing him around. Ive been considering getting him the monkey leash backpack like grant has in the pic above. Boys are crazy!!!

BexxT said...

How in the world do you have a toddler who snuggles? I go days and days without Kings willingly sitting in my lap. He only wants in my arms if he wants something. He sits in my lap for about 5 seconds during story time. And hugs? forget it. Sometimes he gives me a kiss. But you could lean in and get a slap. He is such a jerk ;) And he also isn't attached to anything, not a blanket, stuffed toy, regular toy... except maybe a book? He carries those around asking me to read all day (when he isn't hitting or destroying something, mostly the pugs.) I think he would be so happy if I let him sleep with the swifter or the broom. SEriously. What is wrong with my son?

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

Cute Cute Kiddos.

Also, we finally stopped Kelsie's thumb sucking habit. Let me know if you need or even want some ideas. Although now she's moved onto nail biting instead...not sure what is worse.

jane said...

LOVE the pics!
LOVE y'all!

Kellie said...

Those pics of John and Maddie are so sweet I can hardly stand it! Glad you guys are settling in.

Emily Foley said...

Lucy Liu was in Southland (one of our favorite shows) this past season and was really, really good. So it might not be all bad.

RaeLynn said...

First I'm laughing and now you've got me all teary. I love the small moments too and the beauty of a cell phone is that you DO catch those moments. And you will be so glad you did! Those pics of Maddy and John are priceless. I kind of wanted to cozy up with them but that's probably all sorts of inappropriate.