Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the to-do's of todays

the to-do list today was short.

find out about putting Maddy on the bus for coming home, starting tomorrow (that line is too long with Granter in the afternoons)

putting an order for a cheap book or so from scholastic (I have a thing about ordering at least one book every time, even if it is the $1.00 book. Mostly I do this because I remember feeling so sad if everyone else got books and I didn't when I was in school).

a general clean up and making of beds

having some peace and quiet (during naptime of course)

thinking about writing something ambitious. mostly i am stuck as to what makes a good villian. thoughts?

dreaming of fall and christmas already.

wishing i had some curtains to hang up. (all left behind for the buyers of our house, except I demanded that I be left my bedroom curtains, which I love best of all).

i was sad to see the long weekend go, but sometimes a new week is sort of refreshing. We just might get the hang of this school thing after all!


jane said...

What a treat to see Mr.Bear and Grant looking good together!

Glad the bus ride is looking resepectable.

love and hugs

Kelly said...

Wish I knew what kind of curtains you liked because I could keep my eyes on the look out. What makes a good villain is someone you just hate their whole demeanor. Someone you know is being fake. Someone who smiles just because he thinks he is winning. I personally just think of Obama and all sorts of these thoughts come to mind. I really dislike that man. So the book you gave me I have started, and I have to admit I am already wondering if I will like it. Invisibility cloak for a soldier? When does the romance start?

Lori said...

I was going to say that I hate when people get all political on facebook too, if it's mean spirited. I have had to hide people's updates so I don't dislike them even more as this month goes on! But when I got on the computer to comment I noticed that that post is not there so maybe this is a sensitive topic ;) Oh man, in my family and Jason's family we get in some pretty good debates about politics.

And I loved the story about seeing the blogger in church. I could imagine how you felt, like I know you and all about your family, but I don't. Maybe someday you'll get your own blog stalker!

Love all the Grant and Maddy pics. Good luck with making new friends. That part is always the hardest for me.