Thursday, October 4, 2012

let the record show

Let the record show that today I feel UPBEAT!

In honor of the upbeatness (that I have for absolutely no reason that I can identify), I just want to post a bunch of pretty things.

Hope you have a moment of inexplicable happiness today too!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


jane said...

love the lamp between the quilts on the twin beds; I may have to take the whole room, sinceI don't have a place for just lamps.

glad you feel like celebrating!


luvnmy10 said...


Emily Foley said...

I love them all but I especially LOVE the last two. That bedroom with the lamp is awesome.

RaeLynn said...

Ah, me gusta mucho! Thanks muchacha. Why am I bustin' out the 'ol Spanish? I dunno.