Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the post in which everyone is jealous of me, including myself

I told myself sternly that I was not going to have post-vacation blues, but here we are back into the routine of things and I find it impossible not to feel at least a little sad. For me, the charm of the ocean lies in the waves crashing--constant and in a sturdy, peaceful pattern--That sound alone accounted for approximately 29 pounds of stress lifted off of my shoulders.

Even still, there is something to be said for getting one's house in order, one's baby back on his sleeping schedule, and one's routine back in place. 

I'll try to be good and not give in to the post-beach melancholy (dirty laundry, cranky baby, worn out momma) and just post some pictures. It was a really lovely time, and I'm especially grateful to John's parents, who made it all possible.

Grant's free ice cream scoop, the adorable factor makes me happy just looking at this photo

the adorable factor is high on this one and the next few as well

he is the most natural sharer of a kid that I have ever met. it's really sweet and cute

this is the touristy side of town. i'm kinda glad we weren't close to this section, it was too garish for my taste. surfside beach is much more calm than myrtle beach proper

we went to a great place called Wonder Works where the entire building looks like it is upside down. it is basically a boy's dream in there, tons of science--but fun science, like doing simulators of space walks, flying the space shuttle, flying jets, and also a huge section of just fun video games, and then there were a bunch of virtual reality type games, like the one above that I titled, "grandma snowboarding." she is probably going to kill me for posting this ha!

can't remember what this was simulating, but Grant looked funny

john looks better wearing my purse than i do

i read on one of my friends' blogs (can't remember who? was it you jodi?) that they loved the Mellow Mushroom. I had never been so I convinced my family to go and oh man was it ever delicious. wow. i could eat some right now. it is this almost constant readiness for pizza that gives you several chins like you see in the photo above, might be worth it...


we must have been waiting for the bill, everyone looks kinda bored ha

this guy was fairly terrible throughout the entire vacation. that's a whole other post. he thinks he is two. i am sorry to inform him that he still faults a few more months and i want my nice baby back.

with all the running and jumping in waves, i got several photos of zonked out maddy

unfortunately, all of the exercise seemed to have the opposite affect on Granty. that kid had a hard time sleeping. no bueno

very very bueno. the view from the balcony patio. i tried to sit outside as much as possible to listen to the waves and breathe in lots of fresh ocean breezes.

it had a pool but we didn't pay the extra money to heat it. maddy and i braved it once, but it was too cold. the ocean was actually way warmer and we played in that every day.

a tall frosty glass of lemonade and the trusty bottle of sunscreen. this is the essence of vacation in one shot. tell me you don't feel happier just thinking about it? ahhh

since grandma bought a big bag of popsicles, it was our moral duty to eat as many as possible

Maddy and Gram doing their crafts on the porch

causing trouble

told ya, worn out. 

next time i'll tell you about our trusty trip to the renaissance festival. i know, i're on the edge of your seat. i'll try to make it as painless as possible by using huzzah at every opportunity. you're welcome. :)


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Yes, it was me! We love that place! We are headed to Atlanta this weekend for the BYU-GT game, maybe we will have to get the hook up has only been 3 weeks since our last visit to mellow mushroom....we really should try the one in Nashville.

Missy said...

Oh this looks like heaven to me!! I've been DYING for a vacation like this! Looks like it was wonderful! Welcome back to real life. :)

Kelly said...

I so wish I could sleep like Maddy! She looks so worn out. I feel that way but I don't think I look this fun when I am sleeping. The lemonade picture makes me wish for warmer weather. Looks like you had a good time! Thank goodness for vacations!

Valerie said...

I am so jealous of your awesome vacation! It's been way too long since I've had a real vacation. Glad you guys had fun and got to get away for a bit!

jane said...

I just caught up with your blog...

Ok, I *was* going to speak to you (ahem) about that charming back shot of me at the video machine, but for 2 things.
First impulse, I need to get back on the treadmill and drop a few more pounds. And later in the post, all is wonderful again, thanks to your many sweet photos of my great grand kiddos and their awesome parents!

And I'm glad y'all enjoyed and relaxed at the beach as much as we did!

love and hugs,

Emily Foley said...

So was that a hotel or a beach house? I'm saving up my pennies to come visit you and the beach in the future. You have the best vacations! And the cutest kids. That Grant, his face, it's just the BEST.

Carrie said...

The pictures look so relaxing to just look at them. You can almost hear the waves! I am so glad that Gordon and I were able to come crash for a day! It was awesome! I love the picture of grant trying to share his Popsicle =D

Thank you!