Sunday, November 11, 2012

a series of fortunate and unfortunate events

this past week we:

voted, got vaccinated, paid-off christmas layaway (high five!), got really mad at our almost 2 year old for acting like a 2 year old, were really grateful to finally be covered by real insurance (after an almost six month gap in which we held our breaths really tight), felt giddy about the fall weather, had John's car give up the ghost (low point, still recovering), financed a used car and hated money (or lack thereof), missed an appointment with a craigslist person that I was supposed to sell something to, baked muffins, changed diapers, drank lots of ice water, had my lips blow up due to some sort of crazy reaction, and found Maddy with her face covered in deep wine-colored lipstick right before school.

it's been a busy week. and i am still really not happy about the car. it happened right after i paid off the christmas layaway when I was feeling really excellent about my life and getting Christmas things paid off even earlier than I anticipated. this whole "getting ahead" thing is not working out in our favor. story of all of our lives, right?

in good news, we still have a roof over our heads, food in our cupboards, family in the wings--willing to offer advice and help, and the cutest little troublemakers this side of the Mississippi. I guess we're getting ahead where it counts. (but still....aaaaaaagh!)

and now, the plethora of pictures.

 i like to have a lot of coziness in my life. the fire plays a big part in this.
i brought leaves in from the outside. my bus stop friend thought i was a little weird for stealing them from someone's lawn care discard pile, but...I think she's going to realize pretty soon that weird is par for the course around the savage house. 
our sunday game night all set up. i hate to brag, but I rock the disney yahtzee.
maddy's cute school craftiness
 you can't help but love His Royal Cute Face
 It only took walmart over an hour to find my layaway items. i truly truly wish i was exaggerating. i almost lost my mind and had visions of jumping over the customer service desk and paging something crazy over the p.a. I was this close.
 hey Utah friends...NO SNOW! :)
 Grant and I had back to back doctor appointments. the only way to get back to back appointments is to go in at the crack of dawn. so Grant went in his pajamas and I fed him mini muffins in the waiting room. I scoff in the face of "no food in the lobby" rules. ha ha ha. we live life on the edge.
 i will never stop posting these sleeping baby pictures. have you ever read that book designed to make mothers everywhere cry entitled, "I'll Love you Forever"? I'm going to be like that old mom, climbing into my grown son's bed with a ladder and rocking him to sleep. (p.s. you know that in real life that mom would have probably been accidentally shot by her son thinking she was a crazy burglar, but it's a sweet book so let's not let reality get in the way).

 Has anyone seen Grant?
 He got me good.

 My kids weren't quite that dirty. they used some of those color water tablets. Maddy said it looked like the water had a lot of sticky tree sap in it. good way to explain the color amber, don't you think? she's a smarty.
 speaking of smart, she had to disguise a turkey so that no one would eat him for Thanksgiving. She came up with him being a chef. Her reasoning is shown above. It says, "My name is Chef T. I like to bake cupcakes and cookies. But NOT turkey!" she cracks me up

and yes, the little oven door DOES open thank you very much
 I'm practically a freaking engineer for figuring that out

 i love this badly lit picture. she is seriously a delight of a child. i love her to pieces.
even if she does this to me with my own make-up. She was laughing so hard. it was worth it for the giggles.
 even if my self esteem will never recover.
 we played pollyanna with her necklace and made rainbows. a wonderful way to waste an afternoon. i highly recommend it.
the chicken and sweet potato moroccan stew i made. my mother-in-law gave us a bunch of sweet potatoes and i didn't know what I was going to do with them. then it hit me...i needed to text my friend meredith. I told her i knew she would come through for me, and she totally did. if you know meredith, you know why this story is both funny and adorable and true to life. am I right?

p.s. thanks for the great comments on my last post about facebook. it has been really really good for me to get away from the junk. I have missed keeping up with my friends though. is the political junk mostly over? is it safe yet?? still on the fence about it. time will tell. i think i will go back pretty soonish. i think a media-fast is an amazing way to look at it, and I think it's a great way to get some perspective occasionally. thanks for the tip Raelynn! i have really smart friends. thank you!


Kelly said...

The make-up picture made me laugh, but I love both of their faces! We LOVE Steak 'n Shake. There aren't any here but there was in Pittsburgh. She is a smarty pants. I am so amazed she can write!!!!

Emily Foley said...

Oh the CAR! That is the worst. We're just waiting for Dave's to die, his has 170,000 miles on it. Yuck. I'm so sorry! Isn't it the worst financing crappy cars? Ugh.

Your Maddy is seriously the cutest. I love her smile! The peek-a-boo pictures cracked me up too. You're a fun mom.

Missy said...

I love that you let maddy put on your makeup AND you took a picture! Love it! Maddy is indeed clever with the turkey idea. And super bummer about the car. I hope ours lasts thru all our kids being able to drive it but that just might be wishful thinking.

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

I almost posted about being the mom from "I love you forever" in my post tonight! Great minds think/love alike:). And was that very nice to show the outside with no snow on it? We delivered cookies tonight to friends, and I thought I might die of the cold. There is no question that you moved to the correct and true climate. And I did not!

RaeLynn said...

Best line of this post (aside from the shout out to ME)was this: "I'm practically a freaking engineer for figuring that out".

L to the O to the L

I love you. I can just hear you saying it. Heck, I'd be saying it too. I think FB is chilled quite a bit. Maybe give it just a few more days? If you want to go back, just make sure to take advantage of the filters and you can be very selective about what you see. Then it'll be a much more uplifting experience. People (well, my friends in general) are back to posting hilarious quotes from their kids, funny pictures and random jibber jabber. Just the way I like it :)

luvnmy10 said...

Fun post! Life keeps us very humble, don't you think?! No Facebook is still not politics free, and I get very annoyed, like you. But, I have a need to voice my own opinion, I just blocked those whose opinion was different in an uncomfortable awkward way. I will unblock soon, when I stop feeling upset about results. :) I put my heart and soul into this one and lost. Oh well, must be other things in store for us than I thought. We have given up the news as well. Our evenings are quiet with reading and chatting, I rather like it.

You are awesome and I love the make up pictures! You are my kind of mom--we can't take ourselves too seriously, now can we??

maugers said...

Glad the media fast went well. I saw a bumper sticker that said our technological world has evolved faster than our humanitarian world... sad but true. Sorry about the car! I was driving down the road yesterday and a rock got kicked up and SHATTERED my window! I screamed so loud! Afterwards I left an emotional message on Dave's work machine (we still laugh about it). But I have since recovered. How does that happen? Anyway, my empathy is with you. Love the turkey!

Teagan said...

Best Mom ever!