Friday, November 30, 2012

Fa La La La Long

 Everyone should just prepare themselves for too many pictures. We decorated the house and we were feeling proud of it, so here are some photos to prove it.
 I'm sorry about these pictures. Cell phone pictures at night hurt my eyes too. It was the only way to get a picture of these amazing wreaths that I was so very proud of.

 Lest you think it's all been fun and games around here, I interrupt this Christmas post to show you how much laundry I had to do earlier this week. (this wasn't even all of it, gulp)
to add even more shame to the previous picture, I put Maddy in front of the pile to give it some scale. Don't forget that she also happens to be tall for her age. Mamma mia

 I put a desk into the living room because I thought it would be nice to have a little command station. The kids like it. Well mostly they like the ipad
 now there's a cell phone pic that doesn't make me want to cry from pain. not too bad!
 moved this chair in front of the fire to add to the cozy cottage feel

 I added the little boy to add to the crazy cottage feel
 see, it's working! very crazy

 dark photos of my entryway dresser

 just about the only cool things my dad ever made and that I didn't mind keeping
 bookshelves o' christmas
 that brass candlestick looks like a game of clue waiting to happen in real life

 we moved around stuff again. no big surprise. now the kids have an area to play downstairs. they love their easel and use it all of the time

 no, sorry, this blog post isn't over yet

 even the diaper basket caught the christmas spirit!
 still love the homemade stocking my mom made me

 i want you to know that I worked SO DANG HARD on this chalkboard art. I don't know why I care so much, but chalkboards are sort of fun to mess around with.
 speaking of which, I made another chalkboard using a thrift store frame that I've had forever and some chalkboard paint. this hangs over my command center
 here's some more photos of that area
 candy canes as decoration do not go well over here. those had to be hidden (and ok, eaten)

 cute boy alert! i shared this photo on facebook AND instagram. and now on my blog. because it's my party and i'll over-post adorable photos of my kids if I want, Grandma Jane doesn't read any of that other stuff. This one's for you Jane!
 Also in my stash of random stuff from thrift stores of the past, I had these pottery barn stockings. I bought them last year for $3 for the both of them. I sold them on ebay for about $26. John says that I made almost a 900% profit. It sounds more impressive saying that then saying you made $23 doesn't it?
 the night we decorated the tree and sat on dad

 and played with the christmas nativity

 and took cute pictures of children putting on ornaments with their daddy

 i love how determined Maddy's face looks in that one

 some people got creative with their use of the ornaments

 these pictures, as always, are out of order. here we are picking out our tree and sucking on some free suckers the tree people gave my kids.

 we used to have a fake tree, but he died on the move. let us have a moment of silence for our ugly walmart fake tree.
 i was thinking of buying another fake one, but figured we might as well do fresh since there was a place just around the corner from us and since we will probably be moving again sometime we better not risk another trees life needlessly

and so we finally leave you, after this epic post, with a view of one of santa's elves wearing her Hello Kitty sweatsuit. Can't wait to see what other christmas mischief we get into this month.


Missy said...

Cute, cute house! You didn't keep the pottery barn stockings? I guess you did make some moola.

Teagan said...

I really like your wall magazine holder. Where did you get that?

jane said...

for all the wonderful photos!

I love your re-arranged home for the holidays! The O Holy Night chalkboard was worth every moment of the effort!

It was great to see that J still has his stocking from year one!
I out out the electric luminaria that I got last year but never got out.
Real trees are much better, I think--even though we never had one after we got to this house, because the plastic one lasted too long.... I'm glad you got out to a real tree place. The only year my boys remember is the time we went to a farm and hauled one home.

love and hugs

Emily Foley said...

THAT is an epic post. Fantastic. Your house looks amazing, but of course I couldn't expect any less from the queen of decorating. I love your rug under the train table, it really classes up the joint. I want to get my kids an easel but always wonder if they'll actually use it. Now I wish I had one. Score on the stockings! Sweet! I'm very impressed with your chalkboard writing. Well done.

Emily Foley said...

OH. And I am trying to figure out a way to do two wreaths exactly like that only outside my front two windows. Can you put nails in siding? hmmmm...maybe I should ask my landlord first.

Carrie said...

Awesome post! I too LOVED the chalk board! Nice job!! Great photos...can never have too Amy pictures :-)

Carrie said...

Too many not Amy!

Amy said...

Love, love your style!! Amazing O Holy Night chalkboard. I would seriously pay for your talent. I'd love to copy your wreath idea. We have french doors with no curtains that need a little holiday spirit. How did you attach them to the doors?? You have made my day with this post. Merry Christmas!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Fun post! (laundry pile made me smile :) LOVE your "O Holy Night" chalkboard... great job... I have that pinned & planned to do it sometime before Christmas..
AND does anyone ever tell you that your adorable husband looks like Tom Hanks?? His profile made me do a double-take.. dead ringer : )
Merry Christmas!!

Valerie said...

Jenn, you're amazing. I love all your cute decorations and arrangements. I, on the other hand, am doing absolutely nothing as far as decorating bc all my stuff is still in boxes in our garage and I'm not unpacking it until we buy a house this summer. So I'm excited that i can live vicariously through you!

maugers said...

That chalkboard art is SERIOUSLY amazing! Really, there's no way I could accomplish that! Very nice work :)

Jennifer S said...

I put the wreaths up using those amazing 3M velcro hanging strip type of things you're supposed to use for hanging frames, in case anyone comes back to look to the answer :)