Friday, November 2, 2012

let's making a blogging deal

You know how there's stuff you keep meaning to do because you want to do it, and then time passes...and passes...and then all of the sudden the thing that you originally WANTED to do, becomes a chore and then you just want to keep avoiding it?

that was me and blogging, ha :)

So now I am giving myself permission to post a bunch of random photos and not tell all of the amazing little stories that I missed, because then it will seem like work, and not like the fun that blogging is supposed to be. deal? deal.

 G and Grandpa going to pick up Mads from the bus
 Grant explaining quantum physics to grandpa

Grant being a noisemaker

 Grandma and Grant hanging out before the show at the renaissance fair
 i especially like my dad-in-law's hat which he purchased at the fair. huzzah!
 it's not a ren-fest without bagpipers (apparently)
 ye olde dressed up folk and trash can. this is a weird photo, not sure why i posted it
watch out!! 
the mosquitoes down here get huge!

the king and queen of the joust. and their special guests, a couple of people that got married at the renaissance lord of the rings outfits. all i can say about that
 some juggler/tumblers that were pretty good

 Grant was not impressed and I managed to find an old candy cane (how old, i shudder to think) in my purse. i tasted it first, it wasn't poison
 there was a booth for grey hounds. not sure why, but the kids liked it anyway

 the joust!

John hit it all the way to the top (on the kid side). :) the big person side is behind him. i don't know if he tried that one

petting zoo
 you'd think we made her get her face painted by the look on her face. she actually did like it, i swear

john throwing knives. he did not win any prizes. i'm sorta glad to know he doesn't have that talent. that might make future dinner parties seem a little less safe...

 look, it's all of us in one picture, it's a miracle! looks like we gained a metallic family member behind us there
 the giant trebuchet

 Grandpa probably explaining why you don't want to be tied to the wrong end of one of these

 daddy always takes on Grant duty when we are out and about. reason 9 million and 2 why i love him.

 i like to take pictures during church. it seems so irreverent and wrong, and it sorta makes me laugh. plus, doesn't john look great? yeah

 ahh, my little fella playing at the park
while John was wearing this shirt
he laid down this hand (game is quiddler)
 ever since our beach vacation we decided we should spend more time playing games just the two of us. it is fun.
 someone had a day off school and spent most of it in her pajamas
and wrestling her little brother
not sure who is winning

 i make a mean blanket fort

cutest little tootsies ever

 it got so cold during the sandy storm front that we turned on our fireplace (literally it has a switch. that makes me laugh. technology cracks me up sometimes).
 to say Grant was amazed by the fire is an understatement.
i am blowing this up to original size because that is exactly how ADORABLE it is. holy cute. that isn't even his costume. it's just a jacket that i get to put on him whenever i want an overload of cuteness. which occurs approximately every single day.  (also, now that the photo is huge, you can see all of the crusty stuff on his face which technically is not cute. i apologize. i wipe this kid's face twenty times a day and it always seems to be coated in something. it is a losing battle)
 i did my hair one day. it almost made me forget that my glasses were being held together with tape (look on the side).

 this photo is too embarassing to be posting publicly, but...whatever. at least you can see my new glasses. they are great because they don't need tape to survive. and they are super chunky and nerdy and i love them. a lot.
 i went here and decided that i wasn't cool enough to understand why it is cool.
 hot chocolate in the morning is a really great thing. i use my silly beverage station almost every day and it always makes me feel fancy. you should try it.
 he only likes the bath when it doesn't include water or nakedness. otherwise he likes both water and being naked. boys...who gets them?

 the bounty from the garden we inherited
he was pretty excited about it

 i made a knock-off version of mellow mushroom's pizza dough. it was gooood. use spring water and molasses in the place of sugar and water in your pizza recipe and that's about it. amazingly good. although maddy told me that my pizza smelled really bad. ??
 rolling down the hill
 i try not to let my inner OCD mom come out when he gets into dirt. dirt and boys are meant to go together by all accounts. it's hard to let go sometimes ha
 i saw this from my window and almost died from the cuteness. they are playing together.
so that's all i've got for today. and no clever ending. what have you been up to? we missed the chance to apple pick this year (bummed), but I am making up for it by pretending that it's okay to already listen to christmas music and start wrapping/sending presents. it's awesome.


Emily Foley said...

The Renaissance Fair makes me think of Gilmore Girls and Luke's weird sister. It looks fun!

Mmmm. pizza. Can you post or email your recipe for dough? I love homemade pizza but have never found a good dough recipe that I can make.

I love your self portrait. You're cute.

I miss our Utah house fire with a switch. Badly.

I wish I had an iPhone so I could take church pictures. Dave is conducting for the first time this week and I probably shouldn't use my Canon.

jane said...

I love all the photos! The blanket fort was awesome!

miss you again already.
love and hugs.

Carrie said...

Good catch up up date :-)

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

I'm about to do a photo dump too.

Love Quiddler and Trader Joes.

Re: Trader Joes - try there frozen orange chicken and Candy Cane Joe Joe's (at Christmas time). They are the best thing ever. Joe Joes are basically Oreos without artificial crap in you don't feel bad eating the entire box. :)

Kelly said...

Super cuteness! I like your hair! And all of the pictures of granty are so cute! He is such a cute little boy!

val said...

i'm commenting on random posts and have random thoughts....
love, love your red chairs. will you ship them to me? on second thought, if i brought another chair into the house my husband might throw me out.
you look great in your hair/glasses pic. tape schmap. do you know about zenni optical? we are new to the glasses scene but just ordered some cheapies from them online...awesome and much more afforadable.
you guys do fun things. who cares if the adventures/pictures aren't in perfect order. it's hard enough to keep up with everyday...we can't always blog. we have lives to live!
never been to trader joes. i live a sad, sad life.
that's all.