Monday, November 26, 2012

monday monday

 Things that I have realized this past few weeks: playing in the sink is more fun than any other toy ever invented and will help you get dinner made (except I stayed super close by because I was afraid the chair might slip. I need to get one of those kid tower things. Anyone ever tried one?),  I hate not having a phone--I know this makes me a terrible person for loving a cell phone--but I missed being able to call people during the day, I felt really lonely without it. Being a mom without outside contact during the day is ROUGH. I didn't realize what a lifeline my phone was. I also realized that my house needs a deep clean, my laundry is backed up. I learned that even though I thought I was sorta dumb for doing all the work to cook a turkey that it was totally worth it for the awesome turkey sandwiches in the days following. I am also apparently wracked with nerves that our van will give out like John's car. I have had two dreams in the past two nights that the van has died. I have learned that Maddy is growing up and out of her "i love to help mom and dad do whatever they ask" phase and is getting into the sassy not-listening stage. I learned that I still really love teaching relief society in church even though I get nervous every single time. Also, I would like to end this list by mentioning that the bottle that the kids are playing with in these photos is a Root Beer bottle.  And yes, I am probably a bad mom for letting them play with a glass bottle. Don't worry, I was supervising the heck out of that bottle.

 my cousin saw these photos on instagram and said Maddy was Catniss. I laughed and replied, May the odds be ever in Grant's favor because...
 I came upon this scene in my kitchen and just about died laughing. Don't worry, she didn't shoot. The only thing that would have made this even better is if Grant had an apple on his head. Siblings....
 and...they love each other again.
 we have nary a picture of Grant without his beloved Na-na (binky)
 Maddy's awesome native american hat. She said she was from the Wampanoag tribe. I think that school of her's is pretty fancy.
 She commanded me to take a picture of her "being fashion." She wanted to have the apple included because it was her "apple jack" pose. If you are wondering what else helps you to "be fashion," the list includes wearing your hair in a bun, wearing lipstick like Mommy's, glitter, and definitely not puffy winter coats. Oh boy.

next on my posting list for later is the fact that we put up the tree and decorated the house for Christmas and moved a bunch of things around and suddenly my rental house feels like a cozy cottage to me and that makes me very very happy.


val said...

ps i'm sad i didn't buy your super nintendo. oooh the good ol days.

Katamaran said...

I just love how down Grant is about being shot with an arrow, it's priceless :0)

You are so not a bad mother for letting your children play with a glass bottle, although it gave me a chuckle because it reminded me of a scene from the show Friends (ever watch that show?) Chandler doesn't understand why a 9 month old baby can't play with an action figure toy (gun, tool belt the whole bit) and says "my parents used to toss me into a pit of glass and let me play" his friends are shocked, then he says "glass, sand, same thing" hahahaha...sorry I'm a friends-a-holic :0)

ANYWAY, back to your amazing blog and cute children :0)

I can't believe how big they are both getting! Your daughter looks so much taller and thinner, I can see her turning more and more into that bigger (sassy, haha) girl and growing out of that little girl stage. It's exciting and hard all at the same time! My daughter will be 10 next spring!

Grant is so precious, just a show stealer if you ask me :0)

Thanks so much for sharing your family!


Emily Foley said...

Your kids are so cute. The being fashion picture is the BEST.

My kids could play at the sink for hours. And I used to let them...until we started having to pay our own water bill. Yeesh.

Melanie and Jared said...

I like Mandy's fashion. She is very current. I also think you need to do something with that katniss picture, that is one for the books

Missy said...

Being fashion. So cute! The things they learn in school. :) love the catniss comment too.

jane said...

wow-eee! You're already decorated!! I would love to be fashion, but it's not happening any time soon.

I see kids play safer these days--when I was not much older, my big brother clipped me in the back of the head with a *real* tipped arrow. (It's my excuse for everything, like Terry has after standing atop the nuclear reactor in the Los Alamos lab)

wait--what did I miss? What happened to your phone?

love and hugs

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

Okay, the picture of your daughter getting ready to shoot your son should be your Christmas card, if you do those. Oh my word! I love that picture. Can you enter it somewhere, please?

maugers said...

hahahaha! The pictures of Maddy pretending to shoot Grant is the funniest picture I've seen! He looks like he's accepted his fate too :) Maddy is "being fashion". She totally rocks it, great pictures... glad the house is nice and cozy now.

Carrie said...

I must agree with everyone that the catniss photo with Grant accepting his fate is priceless and 'in fashion' photo shoot were the best! Bravo!

And stinks when you feel you have no outside contact :-)

Kelly said...

Okay that picture of maddy shooting grant, should be your Christmas picture!!! lol, so great!