Monday, November 19, 2012

the shame-o-meter

 Well things have been quiet over here on my blog for a while, and I can't say I'm too sorry about it. Some weeks are like that. There has been plenty of real life going on, and sometimes instead of spilling my life story like I used to, I just completely clam up.  What can I say,  I'm a complicated woman.
 moving on, Grant was not really a fan of the hat at first, but now he sorta likes it/tolerates it. Actually, I think that describes how he feels about me most of the time heh
 My favorite cozy corner, where I have been retreating to these past few weeks. I sit next to the window and think deep thoughts. Or sleepy thoughts. Or deeply sleepy thoughts. Notice the yellow Little Tikes piano tucked into the couch slipcover. my kids are so strange
 in an effort to be even cheaper/frugaller/amazinger we have sold both of our phones on ebay. we are joining phone plan forces with my older brother who gets a great family plan and our phone bill will be chopped almost in half. the nice thing is that we will still be able to use our phones as GPS systems, so it's a great move for us. we had to sell the phones to pay for the early termination fee from our current carrier. those early termination fees are not your friend. we also sold an old Super Nintendo that we had sitting around in our garage that we never played, thinking we would get maybe 30 bucks. There was a crazy bidding war and it went up past a hundred dollars. it made my little heart feel good to finally have things go unexpectedly in our favor money-wise versus what usually happens when something unexpected happens with money.

 Maddy had off veterans day and we ended up at the huge outlet mall here trying to find her some shoes because her payless shoes were dying a fast death. those didn't last long, but not surprising. luckily they had tennis shoes on sale because they are putting their winter shoes out.
 Anyway, because I tortured both of my children by going to several shoe shops and making Maddy try on a million pairs of shoes, I shoved my not inconsiderable self into a tiny mall train and went for a little ride around the stores. and I even made the mini-train conductor take a picture of us. i feel like my shame-o-meter keeps getting smaller and smaller every year that I am a mother. (Grant needs to add some shame to his life and his propensity to stick his finger up his nose during serious and high quality family portraits such as this one).

the things we do for the ones we love. and boy oh boy do i ever loves these two faces. also, is it just me, or is my son going to grow up to be one handsome man (that hinging of course upon his ability to quit picking his nose)?? my kids really owe me big time for the huge lips they inherited. and probably their big mouths too. but I am sort of doubting they will ever thank me for those.

next up on the list, tackling thanksgiving dinner (anyone else still feel like they are just playing house when it comes to making thanksgiving and that they should leave it to the professionals, aka their own moms??) At least I figured out before thanksgiving actually got here that I forgot to get one of those amazing plastic cooking turkey bags. i am hoping to avoid a last minute run to walmart. I sincerely doubt my ability to do it, but since I technically still believe in miracles, we shall see. but like I said, you might want to put your money on the other horse.


Emily Foley said...

My kids love a mall train! Awesome.

I keep hoping someone in my family wants me to be on their family plan. I'm no 3 months PLUS of no cell phone.

Awesome on the old nintendo! Awesome.

jane said...

I thought every kid was a nose picker--I just screened out those photos-HA!

Your dollar savers are pretty awesome!

An old super nintendo is worth HOW much??? Maybe Tony still has one around here...

We're doing Honeybake Ham and grocery store potato salad to save the turkey---or was it that we couldn't find the turkey, since M dressed him up as the chef?

love and hugs.

luvnmy10 said...

Man, I gave our old Nintendo systems to goodwill-WITH all the games!! Good for you! You can cook a turkey, you don't even need a bag, I never use one any more. It's too much of a pain to get it out, haha. Just clean it really good inside and out, pat down with paper towels, rub him all over with Cisco, salt and pepper, stuff, or not, but I like it stuffed, then roast according to the packaging. They always turn out delicious, if he's a little dry, add lots of gravy. You can do it! Or, hop in the car and drive to see us... : )