Friday, December 7, 2012

then bob's your uncle

Hey friends, I wanted to let a few of you family and best friends since fourth grade know that I'm posting again privately on the savage family blog. remember that one from a long time ago? Well occasionally I still go on there and blog about stuff that I don't want everyone and their uncle bob to read about. nothing major, just my own personal space. if you can't find your invite, email me and i'll see if i can send you another one. and much love to everyone else, i don't mean to be exclusionary, but sometimes you gotta have a space to call your own where you know and trust everyone that is there.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

in other news, if you really do have an uncle bob, then you are pretty darn lucky. because who wouldn't want an uncle bob? i know i do. :)

I'll be back soon to post about more random stuff. i'm not abandoning pretend fancy by a long shot. i still have a lot of fake fanciness inside this soul.


RaeLynn said...

I don't think I have the blog address to your private blog. Is that where you make fun of double hash taggers? ;) even so, I need an invite :)

jane said...

You must have already guessed that I'd need help finding *anything* on the net! --So please email me, and I'll get T to help on this end.

When I was in Thailand (a dozen years ago), the kids I took did this candle-in-kite thing on New Years. It was spectacular and wonderful!

love and hugs

maugers said...

I did have an uncle bob! He was chubby and hilarious :) He thought he could do a mean impression of a chinese waiter (but he could not). Great guy :)
I might* have your other blog invite, but could you send me one anyway? If you want, I can read pretend fancy all the time too :)


*definitely don't, I purge like a crazy woman

RaeLynn said...

Why do you hate me and ignore my pleadings for a re-invite? Do I have to fly out to NC and meet you at the flag pole?