Tuesday, December 18, 2012

whosits and whatsits galore

I just had to come on and post these pictures. I started to post them the other day, but didn't feel up to finishing it. We have been home sick sick sick with the flu. Really it's just Maddy that is sick for the most part, although I haven't felt the greatest either. It has been miserable watching poor Mads so sick. I think I have cried more than she has over her being sick. I just feel so bad for her. Hopefully she is on the upward swing. I am hoping that tomorrow will be the last day I need to keep her home, but we will see how tonight goes. Her fevers always seem to spike at night.

Anyway, here are some adorable photos of my adorable family. Above and below, behold our Granty in his dashing bowtie and jacket (that Grandma Savage made for Daddy when he was a little guy!). They say everything comes back in style, and this jacket sure did! He was the hit of nursery in church. The girls could not get enough of how cute he was. We called him The Professor all day.
For the love of bowties! 'Allo Guvna!
remember the olden days when i used to take nice pictures? they seem but a distant grainy memory....
favorite christmas cartoon hands down, chipmunks shooting the toy cannons with christmas candy. classic. also well loved, the one where donald and his nephews build snow forts, and donald makes a boat out of ice. please tell me you know what i'm talking about.

we took a drive to Christmas Town USA (it really is called that). People say it reminds them a lot of Normal Rockwell paintings. I could see that. It was very cute (and SOOO busy. We were in line in our car for hours).

I know I already posted pictures of the gingerbread house making night, but I couldn't believe that I neglected to post the picture below. It is too cute to miss.

we also made buttery spritz cookies with my cookie press. it is a family tradition that we used to do with my mom. I found out afterwards that these cookies are also called Swedish butter cookies, and that my Mom's mom used to make these as well. Maybe this is an old multi-generational tradition from a long time ago? who knows!

it looks disturbingly like playdough at this point
armed and delicious
doing homework the other day
we put her in a little ballet class that was really cheap (compared to the other classes I have seen). it's not fancy, but Maddy LOVES it (that is an understatement). She has been asking to do ballet literally for years but I was always too cheap. She makes sure to wear her little tights and leotard every week. it is the most precious thing ever. also, she is taller than all of the other kids by about a foot. no joke.
hey look, they are sitting close to each other and no one is crying or fighting. it's a christmas miracle!
probably someone is crying in this picture

i'm all about the cheap/easy advent activities, like make a christmas tree with dot markers that we already own
her's looks a bit more like a christmas bush, but don't tell her I said that

I snapped this photo because for some reason it hit me that i may one day miss seeing these two kids  sliding down the steps on their tiny cute bums together.
some cute toys that grandma gave us that used to be daddy's. that clown really shoots out of that rocket. it is basically the most fun ever

loved the door on this house. 

and below Maddy is sipping hot cocoa in jammies, the night we watched polar express. p.s. what is the deal with the hobo guy on that movie. seriously, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE HOBO GUY???? I don't get it.

and in a final note, hope you all have a fantastical christmas and that you got a christmas card. if not, you may be in my second batch that I haven't printed out yet. but it's a comin', don't give up hope. unless it gets to new years, and then you might want to give up hope.


luvnmy10 said...

So sad Maddy has the flu! Hope she is feeling better today. I love the little jacket, so handsome and cute-it is perfect with the bow tie. I am not baking at all this year.. It is too tempting for me to eat a lot, bake a little... And I am talking about the dough! So, good for you creating all that yummy fun! So jealous! We loved your Christmas card, so cute! I will send a little note out in January, early February with a fun picture of the whole family -I'm so excited for us all to be together. Have a very Merry Christmas!

RaeLynn said...

well somebody popped a quarter in you because you are on one! (In a good way). I wish I could grab one of those cookies through my computer screen and devour it in the MOST un-ladylike way.

Total LOL on the hobo guy from Polar Express. That is honestly the reason I don't like that movie. I'm a weirdo. I know.

Love the pic of them sliding on their bums. It's true.

Your house looks insanely cozy. I almost can't handle it.

I'm so sorry Maddy is sick. Honestly, it's almost worse than being sick yourself. :(

Missy said...

Well aren't you all festive and creative and fun? I want an advent calendar so we would do all sorts of stuff but then it might stress me out. I like your simple ideas. Love grant in that cute sweater!

Emily Foley said...

That bowtie is killing me! It's awesome!

Last week my kids were at a friends house and they were sliding down the stairs on blankets. It didn't help my cause any. (They've been asking when we can have a house with stairs for 5 years or more.)

I know exactly what show you're talking about with the boat and the forts.

Emily Foley said...

Also, have you not read my "why i hate the polar express" post? read it RIGHT NOW. Stupid creepy hobo.


maugers said...

I was really hoping someone would answer your HOBO question... but alas. I know that he's no where in the book, so they put him in for the movie, but I don't know why either! Cute cute pictures, I love that Grant is dressing up like Jon now...that has got to be so much fun for his mommy (not you, Jon's mom :) Hope you all feel better!