Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i'll tell you

Well I came on to tell you a long story, but the short of the story is that we were looking for a house (and thinking we would just lose our deposit, but make up the lost deposit in cheaper rent in the amount of time left on the lease), but now we are having to wait. This is a little bit sad because we had been searching and JUST found a great house that just came on the market. I don't have high hopes that it will last long, but maybe it will. (also, I think my agent is super annoyed about this, even though she knew we were waiting to hear back from our rental agency). I know houses come and go and something else will come along when our timing is right. It is just hard to be so committed to something--work towards it and feel like it was right--only to be back where you started and learn to be patient. Oh patience, that virtue that is most annoying (and necessary) of all virtues!

Instead I will tell you how Maddy and Grant were playing yesterday and she kept barking at him, "Sergeant, are you listening to me Sergeant?!" I'm not sure where she got that from, but I kept laughing and laughing while I made dinner. It was hilarious and Grant just ignored her orders. P.S. Grant turned the big 2 and I need to write about his birthday. I will very soon!

I'll tell you how I made a hearty vegetable soup with noodles and I felt like a good mom. Getting up the energy and the motivation to listen to whining kids while I cook anything more complicated than three steps is really hard these days. My kids do not like to let me cook, even if I put a movie on for them. Crockpot meals might be the better way to go, but I never remember on time except on Sundays.

I'll tell you how I sometimes still miss things about Utah. I miss going to EmilieJayne and consigning my furniture and knickknacks I would find at D.I. I miss my book club friends. I miss watching the kids walk to school on the sidewalk in front of my house. I miss the mountains and going to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights even though it's freezing. I miss the lion house rolls and sledding. I miss Thanksgiving Pointe and the tulip festival. I miss occasionally going back to BYU and walking around feeling all nostalgic. I mostly miss the people. I love Charlotte, but I still love Utah. It's so weird, especially since I am not even from Utah and I didn't even live there for very long. But there are somethings that really make that place special.

I'll tell you that I am thinking about doing a deep purge this spring and getting rid of lots of stuff and having a garage sale. I'm thinking about how wonderful naptime is when Grant actually sleeps (he's fighting hard today). I'm thinking about how much I love certain shades of yellow and hate other shades of it. I'm thinking about how just making your bed automatically makes you want to climb back in and go to sleep.

I'm thinking about plans for the future and books I want to read and about the pot of indoor crocuses that I bought on sale that are looking so promising. This life is so full of the small things of life isn't it? and yet it feel so full and big sometimes.
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Emily Foley said...

You must really want that house if you're willing to move again so soon. I would stay in this house forever just because I HATE moving.

I loved this post. Loved loved loved. I miss Utah too but I don't want to move there again.

Missy said...

That is the worst thing to be patient about. I remember feeling very impatient about moving to our house. That soup looks yummy! I have the same problem with dinner. It's Easton's absolute worst time of day. Luckily I'm in a frozen meal group with some ladies. It has saved me many times. I miss you too! Utah rocks! ;)

Lori said...

I'm right there with you about missing Utah. I remember hating it when I moved there at 12 and now my family makes fun of how much I love it.

jane said...

Even my mom was known to admit that patience was the virtue with its own reward, because nothing else would!
love and hugs

Kelly said...

I am sorry about the house hunt! I know how it feels to get your hopes up about something and then to find out that it wasn't exactly what you thought it would be like. Hopefully things will work out soon though! I appreciated your blog part about the things you are thinking about that make it easier. I so badly want to do a project and yet I have to wait until I have the funds to do so. That and the warmer weather. You are so right about the making the bed thing. I made my bed this morning, and thought why do I make it if I am just going to want to get right back into it at nap time?! lol. So that made me chuckle out loud because I had that very thought this morning!