Sunday, January 27, 2013

miniature letters and happiness that cost me five dollars

 Sometimes I just like to wander around my house and take pictures to post on my blog--I think because someday I might want to remember what normal used to look like when I had young kids. For example, the other day I had the most inexplicably happy day. All I did was do some grocery shopping and hang out with Grant like every other day. I can't explain why I was so happy, but it might have had something to do with the fact that I bought myself five dollars worth of beautiful flowers.
 I kept trying to capture good photos of them with my cell phone, but knew it was pointless as they were sitting on my window ledge and I was too lazy to take them down to find decent lighting.

But you see, even with the beauty of some unexpected flowers, there are still going to be dishes in the sink. That's real life. It's okay! I still had a great day and the dishes got done eventually. Actually they got done even sooner than they would have otherwise because I had done something nice for myself and improved the view. :)
 An old mission companion told me that Trader Joe's (or Trader Jose's) tortillas were the best she had had since returning from Honduras. That is actually the reason I went the other day. They were quite good. But...they were nothing like fresh. I have tried to make my own flour tortillas in the past to lame results. I will try again.

 I was impressed with myself for making a tasty recipe that was a knock-off of cafe rio's pulled pork salads. It was AMAZING. I don't know if there is a link to it because it is in their cookbook. Wow. That's why I got the tortillas. What a meal. I was such a betty crocker that day. I seared pork shoulder people. That's just crazy. (i hate cooking complicated meat recipes usually)

This photo looks sorta sad because there is a lone tear on her cheek, but the funny thing is that she had stopped crying quite a few minutes earlier and was just excited at this point. Another lost tooth. poor kid gets so nervous every time. I felt so bad for her that I decided to borrow this idea from this blog and write her a little note from the T.F. (tooth fairy of course).

 The original blogger's tooth fairy envelope was cuter, but this got the job done. She was so excited. John said I won "mom of the year award." Yesssss.

 This morning I was getting M ready for church when suddenly I noticed her neck was covered in red spots. I checked her back and stomach and there were red spots in both areas. She was acting completely normal and said they didn't itch (but then I saw her sort of itching later). So I decided to give her some benadryl and keep her home. John took Grant to church with him so he could teach his lesson and I could take care of Mads
 She spent most of the time relaxing on the couch. Poor thing. Has this spot thing ever happened to one of your kids? We aren't using a new laundry soap and we can't think of anything new that we tried. We're a bit stumped.
 So while Mads while resting I got some baked potatoes going
 and walked around the house again, taking pictures of how I changed up the front room (now it has a couch and the train table has a castle instead of trains). We also took out all of the bookcases save for one
 which we kept so that Maddy could have a little area to play with toys with small pieces
 such as her little calico critters. looks like an earthquake hit crittertown

 and these are completely out of order once again.  my blogging impudence knows no bounds apparently. sorry. but this is a cute picture of my buddy laying on my lap and I had to record it for prosperity's sake because he laid there of his own free will and let me pat his hair lovingly for all of about two minutes. it was amazing and adorable and I love his squishy little self.
 still a fan of the binker (na-na as he calls it)

this morning I got fancy with the cinnamon stick in my hot apple cider. it enhanced the flavor by probably about 36%. Definitely worth it.

And lastly, the most adorable picture of 2013 so far, and likely to remain so for the entire year.  It seems amazing, but they actually play together for periods of time now, and quarrel just like normal siblings. Their favorite game is run after each other and tackle each other to the floor while laughing. It's both adorable and, as you might imagine, dangerous. But...I am so glad they have each other. After watching Mary Poppins with Maddy today, I realized they are my little Jane and Michael.  It's silly, but that's the good stuff folks. Happy Sunday.


Kelly said...

Love love love!!!!! I don't want to be a dork because I am sure you thought of this but could it be chicken pox? I don't know what the symptoms are for that though. Your place looks so tidy! Mine is a disaster again! I can't win!

Missy said...

Love the miniature letter. I saw that on emilie's blog but knew I couldn't keep that up with all the kids. Heck! Sometimes I even forget to be the tooth fairy! No mother of the year awards here. :/
Easton sometimes gets rashes when he is getting over a sickness. The doc said some kids just react that way sometimes. It just outwardly shows they are getting over it. Weird. Love your flowers.

RaeLynn said...

Whoa. We watched Mary Poppins yesterday! You know what they say about great minds :)

Love the font on the tooth fairy card. I'm trying to be mad at you for not commenting again on my blog after the failed attempt but it's really hard to be mad at you. Especially when your blog is so fun to look at and read. Darn you.

jane said...

what a wonderful day! I miss having flowers in the house, but I still love having them in the garden--T's allergies are beyond that stage.

Love the photos--specially the spot blanket!

I always wondered what the tooth fairy did with all those teeth!

love and hugs to awesome mom!

val said...

oh, so much to love about this post...except for sick kiddies.
there's nothing like flowers in the kitchen. seriously. we have one little pot in the kitchen window and it has brought me so much happiness during this blah january month.
your house is so cozy. can i have that typewriter? thx.
wish we were going to lunch then thrifting this afternoon....;)

Emily Foley said...

I love a non forgetful tooth fairy. Is th pork from our best bites cookbook? I want some!

JosephSavage said...

I'm really excited about the prospect of Maddy asking you to inform the tooth fairy EACH time she looses a tooth that she was very distraught by the experience in the hope of getting compensated for her emotional distress. I could totally see Maddy trying that, because she's a thinker.

Lori said...

Love the flowers. I need to do that. I stare out at a boring back deck and it's blah.

Did the spots go away? I always hate random rashes that the pediatricians don't get worries about but I do. Hope she feels better. That picture of her on your shelf makes her look so mature. I know people always say it, but sheesh they grow up fast!

So Jake is still super attached to the paci too. We tried to make him sleep without it for about a week and it was torture (for me and Jake, Jason thought everything was "fine"). Parker didn't ever take a paci so I have no idea how to stop it, or if I even need to. It's so great though. I give it to him at bed and he turns over and goes to sleep. Why would I want to mess with that?!? Let me know what your take on the paci is sometime. :)