Friday, January 18, 2013

random thought freitag

random thoughts for the day:
 1. I took this mini version of the briggs meyer test the other day for fun and then made John take it. We are both exactly what you would sort of expect--me the emotional intuitive rascal and him the logical engineery stoic. We are on crazy ends of the spectrum and meet right in the middle of being introverts. Him an open introvert, me a secret one. Have you taken it? It's fun. (On a sidenote, I liked this article that tells you what literary character you are like based on this personality test. I'm Anne of Green Gables, so of course that means I am 100% sure that the test is accurate since I love those books). On a side, sidenote, I never had an imaginary friend like Anne. Did you?

2. I'm tired of talking about guns and gun control. It's just one big loop of both sides having "proof" that their way is the right way.
Instead, I would rather we talk about raising our kids right. I think fundamentally it is a moral issue. What are we doing in our homes that have allowed this country to become this way?

3. I read somewhere that in order to get a really good night's sleep the optimum way to achieve that is to have your house slightly cold. I have found that this seems to be true for me and for my kids. Do you like to sleep slightly chilly with cozy blankets to ward off the cold, or are you like my Mom and freeze to death?

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

4. It didn't snow in our neighborhood last night. This was a slight bummer, but then we got over it.

 5. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about how cheerful yellow flowers make me. It's been on my mind for over a week. So weird. (and I don't even have yellow flowers in the house or anything so I have no idea why I keep thinking about this).
Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

 6. Two things I hate about getting dressed every day: pants/shorts and shoes. I hate pants/shorts anything that covers my bottom half because I can never seem to find things that fit me really well and it bugs me every single day. The same goes for shoes. I have always had big feet, but now I have just about sized out of Target shoes and this is a major problem because I am too cheap to pay more than Target prices. I think the shoes I would really like would be a pair of real leather ballet flats from J.Crew, but I am too cheap. And I'm afraid they wouldn't be enough support.  I blame both of these issues on having kids and getting all widened out.

7. The number one thing I love about getting dressed? When I have clean cardigans. I have a cardigan obsession. I also own about ten white t-shirts because I love those too.

8. The best bagel is the sesame bagel. and never talk to me about fruit cream cheeses. nasty. (also I should technically blame the widening out on sesame bagels. but...)

 9. sometimes I feel like my life is written all out in front of me and then sometimes I feel like I am still young and I could do something completely surprising still. I'm not sure.

 10. I just bought Grant a bunch of shirts and fleece pants for $2 from Target clearance for next winter. That's like buying clothes from the Dollar store. Awesome.

11. Weekends are my favorite time to bake. On the roster this weekend is monkey bread. That recipe will be a blast from my past since I haven't made it since I was probably 14 or something.

12. I have two old roommates possibly coming out to NC this year and both have promised to come see me. I'm pretty much thrilled about that.

13. most days I just love the little routine that Grant and I have. It's sort of cozy and non-rushed. Well until dinner time hits, and then all heck breaks loose. heh

14. one of those roommates once convinced me to take German in college because I always wanted to visit Vienna and she said I should take it and then do the study abroad in vienna. I did pretty good in beginning German (I think that may have been because I had an extremely handsome Swiss-German teacher that I was trying to impress) and then in the second german class I got one of my worst grades of all time. and I never went to vienna. but I still love that roommate, so alles gute.

14. things to get done this weekend: clean the bathrooms/toilets, play outside with the kidlets, have game night, work on the lowercase letters with Mads and have her read lots of Bob books to me, search for lost binkies, watch Merlin. Hope you have a low key weekend too!


Dan said...

Es freut mich, dass du dich noch an Ihre Deutschkenntnisse!!

Emily Foley said...

J. Crew is greatly overpriced. Wait for the flats to go on ultra sale (especially if you have big feet, you'll find them cheap).

I love flowers. My husband worked for a wholesale florist when we were newlyweds and brought me flowers every Friday--$2 for a dozen roses--and now he refuses to buy me flowers because he knows how overpriced they are.

Our heater can't keep up with the temps (-15* two nights ago) so our house is about 60* by morning time. that's too cold for me. I prefer sleeping in the cold and warming up under the blankets but I seriously couldn't get warm the other night. That's a first for me, I'm always hot.

I hate jeans. HATE. I love cardigans. I have like 50 of them. These are my favorites:

I have 3 of them and wear one almost every day.

I hate sesame anything. Except for sesame oil. Yum.

BexxT said...

I keep the house at 70 all winter. If it drops below 68 in the house, I get cold. Even massively pregnant. It is like my feet turn into ice cubes. BUT even at 70 degrees I have to run both the ceiling fan and air purifier fan in my bedroom. It keeps me under the covers because I sleep like crap without blankets.

Our weekend is... kind of low key. Except that we are at the tail end of a closet remodel in two bedrooms. That involved breaking out the closets, mudding them, sanding them, priming them, painting them, buying the new closet hardware (ouch, That crap is so expensive), and then building them. Kings' closet is done, we have to build the baby/guest room tomorrow. At least all the hard stuff is done. Sanding and priming is miserable work.

I love jeans. And shorts. Those always fit me. Shirts? BLAH BLAH BLAH. These football shoulders combined with my porn star boobs combined with my runners torso (aka tall, long and thin) make for an impossible combination when it comes to finding shirts that fit. And maternity shirts? FORGET IT. My insanely long shirts right now are about 2 inches too short. My belly just hangs out all day at home. It isn't sexy.

That said- I love jeans, but I pay a pretty penny for to get them that fit right. I can't buy normal jeans. They fall down, shrink, have awful zippers, are too short, etc. Couture brands? BEAUTIFUL. They have 35-36 inch inseams, they are low cut in front and cover my rear end without the crack problem, and the zippers never break. It is a good thing too because I pay over $100 for each pair- so they need to last for YEARS. (and they do. I get 5-7 years out of them so long as I don't buy trends).

<3 you.

Lindy said...

I took the test and was quite indecisive about several questions...I'm such a nerd (like it even matters!). I ended up with the Pride & Prejudice/Jane Austen one. I guess so!

maugers said...

so much! what to comment on... I like sleeping in the cold house but then I don't want to get up. I've noticed sleeping with socks really helps too :) I'm super excited to visit you too. And I promise I really am :) And monkey bread, yum!!!!

Anne Lake said...

Mmmm, monkey bread. Save me some. So I just google tranlsated Dan's comment. You are still on the German?? Or is supposed to be know your German? I always drool over JCrew ballet flats as well, then that damn rational side kicks in. Adlai and I now have something to do tonight, personality tests. You should start calling John Gil :)

luvnmy10 said...

So many good things to think about.... My feet have gotten bigger, too. I won't share other bummers from pregnancies, you can thank me now. I love daisies and yellow daffodils-happy flowers. I must sleep with my down comforter, which means I have to keep my room cold, sorry Tim for our summer ac bill, it's my fault. My foot must be escaping from under the comforter, only one, the bottom foot while I lay on my side must be out... I am weird, I know, but I sleep pretty well this way. Sesame there any other kind? De-lish! Never took German, I always thought it too guttural sounding...and a German lady slapped my hand once when I was just looking at a postcard in a store. It stung. And I agree 100% on the gun control thing. If all the energy was spent on teaching family relations instead, wouldn't that be a wonderful experiment!

Lori said...

#2: I saw this teenager today on the side of the street with a rainbow mullet and I just have to shake my head and ask what in the world are people thinking these days! What is happening? I agree. The fix has to come from inside our homes.

3. yep, we sleep chilly.

8. Einstien used to have this cream cheese , honey almond, and it was sooo good. I've discovered that if you just add honey to your cream cheese it tastes about the same. Maybe you'd like?

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