Wednesday, January 23, 2013

speculoos crunch cookie butter and other magical creatures

I am sort of big on the randomness these days and I apologize if that annoys you. It's just the way my brain works these days...i.e. hardly at all.

1. okay, i'll be honest, i went back and deleted the first two that I had originally written on this list because I knew I would offend someone with my bluntness. sometimes being a good person is hard (and makes your blog so much more boring), but probably kinder. :) I will give you a hint. it was about ALT summit. if you know what that is, maybe you already know what I am thinking....

3. I have almost finished the BBC Merlin and I know that I am going to miss the characters so much. this series has been like a good book that you are sad to put down. (Jane, you can watch it on Netflix, and I think you and Terry would love it).

4. I had an amazingly good day today. the sun was shining, Maddy went back to kindergarten (I'm feeling nervous about summer break after this long weekend--I loved having her home, but I suddenly remembered how much work the two of them are together all of the time), and I bought myself some cheap flowers and some sort of magical cookie stuff from Trader Joes called Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter. Doesn't that name sound like something straight out of Harry Potter? Well, it is the most amazing thing to hit my taste buds in a long time. Wow. Try it as soon as you can my friends.
 That place grows on me by the second. (probably in inches around my waist).

5. Somebody hurt Maddy on the bus today (not seriously or anything--but definitely on purpose) and I had to write a letter to her teacher. I try to let things work themselves out usually and hate intervening, but I hate even more hearing that my child is getting hurt by another (older) kid.

6. All of the sudden G is talking up a storm and I am delighted by every single word. Except for 'no,' and "Waaaaaaiiitttt!!" (yelled as I am leaving him in his room to go to sleep at night). Which is sorta funny if you think about it. But not funny at the time (every night).


Kelly said...

Pass some of your good days my way! Today was an emotional long day for me. I already need a break! I am going to watch some Merlin tonight. I have like 6 more episodes. I am trying to make them last!

jane said...

Is this the Merlin as a boy or the one with Sam Neil?
Can't waaiit to hear G talkin' up a storm!

No T.Joe's here--what is in the cookie butter?

sorry to hear of M's trouble on bus--but glad to hear you are more on top of things than I was at that stage!

love and hugs!

BexxT said...

What does ALT summit stand for. I attempted a google, but it brought up way too much stuff. Also <3

cuz seriously, I need the love right now as I am a stressed out emotional wreck (who hides it well) and I am desperate for like an hour of uninterrupted sleep. If being 34-35 weeks wasn't bad enough, BH contractions just started so I spend all night, every night just tossing back and forth in bed. I am THIS close to moving into the guest bedroom until this baby is born. But I don't know how Adam will take that. I have to push him to the other side of bed like 6 times a night and that is just like the icing on this shit cake right now. I am so tired.

val said...

lol on ALT. i've spent one million dollars on my outfits and such fun attending with such lovelies. gag.

wish you would have blogged your mind that day, i'm sure it would have been a good read.

i need to get me to trader joes, looks like.

Lori said...

I just went back to Joe's the other day after a hiatus and was reminded of how awesome it is, once you kind of figure it out.

Glad to hear about your good day!

And I too googled ALT summit and have no idea what it is. lol

Jake says "oh goodness" and it cracks me up. This is a fun stage sometimes.