Sunday, January 13, 2013

sundries and the like

 I will warn you that these photos are completely and utterly out of order. I hope your OCD can handle it, because I can tell you, mine is barely restraining itself (but I'm too tired to give in).
 Mr. Grant had his birthday on the 4th and I have been a bad Mom and not posted pictures until now. I made a cake inspired by a pinterest cake. I would show you the inspiration photo, but I want you to remain impressed by my version. If you saw the professional one, you might think this was the before picture and the other was the after. :)
 We did a construction-eque theme because Grant LOVES construction sites in real life. He points out dump trucks and tractors and all of that other stuff anytime we drive by. It's sort of amazing to me that he can differentiate it out the window of a moving car every time we drive by a construction site, but he does it all the time. What can I say, he's a smart cookie.

 No birthday is complete without balloons if you're a kid. It is the number one thing that makes a kid feel special, I am positive of it.
 Here Mr. G waits like a little gentleman to get his birthday haircut. If I could love him anymore than I do looking at this adorable picture then I think I might burst.

 Making the cake. I told you these were out of order. If it makes you feel better, you can pretend like you are going backwards in time.

 I have these pictures thanks to the amazingness of my friend Kate who came over and celebrated Grant's birthday with us very last minute. I had scheduled an appointment with my realtor to look at some houses and she came over to watch the kids at the last minute and saved my sanity. I probably should have scheduled it for a day other than Grant's birthday, but he is young enough that I figured I wouldn't win any bad mom awards.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Savage, Grant got this awesome Fisher Price garage. I have been looking for one for a LONG time without any luck. Grandma finally decided to end my suffering and get Granty one from ebay. He loves it!
My bus stop buddy right after waking up. His eyes look so sleepy and his hair so tousled. My favorite.
 This was a gate at one of the houses that I went to see. I almost wanted to buy the house just based on this adorable gate. I had to restrain myself people. The price was a bit too high for the size and the kitchen was sort smallish (and both John and I tried to put our elbows up to act like we were shampooing our hair in the master shower and it popped open the door--waaaay too small).
 View from another house.
 I quite liked this one, but...well we will have to see.
 Proof for Grandma Savage that G loves his garage.

 They also had fun in a teepee from Grandma too. I think you are starting to realize what I have known for a long time: My kids would have no fun at all in their lives if they didn't have grandparents.
 Well unless you count the occasional time that Mom lets them play in the sink water.
 I had to get the picture with his little tootsies standing tippy toe on his potty chair. Don't worry, I have not started potty training him yet. I just wanted to get him used to seeing it and get comfortable with it. Maddy keeps trying to potty train him for me and that's pretty funny to watch.
 I saw this picture on my phone and I cracked up and had to post it on my blog. This is the picture I sent to John's phone with the following caption: "WHY??" ha! I texted that because that box was a brand new the night before and sometime that morning he and Maddy had devoured a large number of them and he knows I have a strict policy of not feeding Maddy junk before school because I don't want her to have a sugar crash. He was sheepish about it and then I could only laugh about how funny and silly the whole thing was in the big scheme of things.

 Once I was an awesome Mom and dragged her scooter all the way to the bus stop and let her scooter home. I was a hero that day.
Baby Picasso at it again.

That's been my last few days. Pretty slow and yet sort of anxious filled with the house hunting. We may be putting the house search on a back burner (I think I mentioned that last post), but we are still waiting to hear a few things. I am almost relieved to take a break. I don't really want to move so soon, but I know it will be a good thing for us. We did take this weekend to clean out, organize, and donate a bunch of stuff to Goodwill from our junk drawers, toy drawers, and garage that we still haven't fully unpacked. It felt good, but now I want to get rid of even more. I am sort of over having lots of stuff. It's all about the simplicity this year.

Famous last words, right? :)


jane said...

A) The b'day cake is awesome! Loved the dirt!

B) Your kids would have no fun at all if it weren't for YOU!--and J...and donuts! Ha!

C) Grant's sleepy eyes and tousled hair are John all over again--thanks for all the great pix!

D) You most certainly can have a house with an arbor like that--now that I've had a clear shot of it. No wonder you loved the idea of that house!
It will take about a year to get the ivy from start to that point, 2 yrs to cover the arch, and 3 to make the whole thing disappear under vines, unless you keep a sharp eye out. ivy is lovely, but a lot like kudzu.

E) thanks for all the great pix! glad G enjoys the garage and the tent!

love and hugs

luvnmy10 said...

Love this post! I. Want. That. Parking Garage.

maugers said...

I love that Maddy is trying to teach Grant to potty train, that would be funny to watch :) And you ARE a great mom for dragging the scooter!

Missy said...

Thanks for all your great comments on my blog. Much appreciated :) that cake is awesome! I will have to pin it for the future. My mom still has that fisher price car ramp. It does not look that good but all the grand kids love playing with it!

RaeLynn said...

I'm feeling the exact same way. TOO MUCH STUFF. What makes it hard is that it's not "Junk" per's just stuff. And there's too much of it.

Emily Foley said...

You're a good mom! I love your posts lately, you seem so happy.