Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I cannot get enough of this song, or this band. Travesty of the year? They are only doing a handful of U.S. cities on tour this year--closest one to me is Fairfax, VA, town of my birth. This is the one thing on my realistic bucket list--to hear them in person. I have been trying to do it for the past couple of years without any luck. But I know it will happen someday. They are supposed to be incredible in person. I would buy one of the tickets right next to the stage where you don't sit down. They would be the only band I would do that (because normally I am lazy), but i know I wouldn't be able to stop myself from dancing and singing like a dorky lunatic in public--and all without any shame. It would be awesome.

not much else to report. Grant and I went to the childrens museum today and that wore us both out but good. Any other possessors of two year olds out there that read this blog? If so, is it just my boy, or do all two year-olds take up every ounce of energy plus fifty milligrams that you don't have? I feel dead tired by about 5:00 every day and am positively giddy to see daddy walk through the door. I love that boy, but holy moly.

and now if you'll excuse me, I have a kindle gift card from christmas that is burning a hole in my pocket. what are you reading these days? I have heard good things about The Night Circus from a few people/blogs. I may start with that. Or I may just fall asleep. So many delicious choices.


luvnmy10 said...

Did I miss something, what band? What song?? how about "the shoemakers wife" for your kindle. I loved it! I love the author!

jane said...

It is the mission of our children to exhaust us beyond our ability to stand. But they only ever almost succeed--daily.

I had not heard your band before. I think I'd like to here more.:~)


RaeLynn said...

I'm pretty sure the books I'm reading would bore you to death. Bladders, yeast and chronic UTIs. YAY!

RaeLynn said...

p.s. Thanks for posting this song! I'm loving it. :)

BexxT said...

Kings' makes it his mission to try to kill me everyday. If I wasn't 33+ months pregnant I * might* be able to handle it. But dang. Everyday I am SO SO SO SO SO SO grateful for his first nap that it takes every ounce of self possession to read him his stories and put him down properly rather than just toss him in his crib and yell "see you lata sucka" as I run out the door.

The running doesn't last long since the only thing I want to do is take a freaking nap since I am not sleeping well at night (or at all).

Lori said...

Just got their new CD today. Loved the one before this. Awake my Soul is great on the old one.

Grant sounds like he has a boys energy level. Parker never stops, never, until boom, he falls asleep. Its gotten a little better since he's matured a bit, but he still has a ton of energy. Jake is a little less, but he still has a lot of energy. I watch the families with little girls sometimes and wonder what that might be like, they sit and color and are so calm!