Monday, February 18, 2013

a three part post in one

 I should probably split all of these pictures into three different posts, but as you know I like to dump massive amounts of photos and then be done. The good news is that when I do that I usually use short sentences. So let's get to it. Above I snapped a discreet photo of a great church lesson. I wanted time to think it over afterwards.

 Someone lost ANOTHER tooth.  She lost two teeth within about a week of each other. Crazy (the tooth is in the baggie and it was from her bottom teeth).
 Maddy's ballet class did a special dance for Dads and so John got off early to come. To say Maddy was excited might be the understatement of the century.
 John got her some baby roses and she was SO cute when she got them--all of the sudden shy and blushing and hugging her Daddy.

I love this picture so much


Maddy made Daddy a card

 Let me translate: I like you Dad because I like when you come home. HEART MELTER alert

 speaking of hearts, lots of dollar store fun going on at our house on valentines
 Maddy's ballet roses fit right in
 my motto with valentine's day is the more garish the better. it was so bright it almost hurt my eyes. maddy and grant loved it.
 I had big plans for a heart shaped cake
 and then i tried to take a picture of my tiniest valentine but he thought that was funny
 I thought it was funny that he was hunched over coloring on a blanket
 making another valentine for daddy to put into a cute glittery heart frame she made for him to have at work
 i made this ice cream heart cake and my mom suggested raspberries on a cloud of whip cream. it sounded like it would be cute in a pinterest worthy way and so I did it. Upon finishing the raspberries I stepped back and realized it looked like the cake caught the chicken pox. sometimes things don't turn out as pinteresting as you might hope.
 then the kids had fun with their bubble valentine guns

 because it was SO warm and beautiful it was like summer
and then a day later it snowed. I LOVE you Charlotte, North Carolina! Maddy woke up from her nap and it was like this and she was so astonished when she looked outside. I wish I had caught her reaction on video. It was amazing.

 So we all bundled up and wonder of all wonders Grant actually kept his hat and gloves on. I think he was just all around confused about what snow was and so he forgot to be quarrelsome about his outfit. :)
 The next few photos are Dad taking Grant on his first sled ride. The best photo of the entire post is coming up (even if it isn't in focus). Watch for the biggest Grant smile ever recorded.
 Wait for it.....
 Boom! he loved it
 we only had a pizza pan to slide down. me...the queen of sledding (seriously ask my byu roommates heh), but luckily our neighbors behind us had some and they came over and all played together

 we had to make a snowman obviously
 this was the first time i've ever seen someone actually roll a ball of snow around and it grew like in the cartoons. it was awesome!
 there's me!

 we all had to take a picture by our snowguy

 Maddy's neighbor sledding buddy. we let them sled until it got a bit dark and my camera freaked out with the crazy contrasts of snow and dark

 i feel sorry for the moms that deal with the snow gear every day. one day was enough for me. perfect in fact.
 and then some nice warm cocoa.
what a great weekend. now wish me luck because Maddy is home from school today and that means mom has to be extra entertaining today. oh boy.


Missy said...

I love that they danced for their dads! That is so cute! I wish it would only snow one day here. I'm so over it. I'm also dreading this day with the kids home and Shawn is out of town. Double doosey.

jane said...

I love every single picture! Dancing with raspberries in the snow!

Thanks for sharing the fun and all the wonder!


luvnmy10 said...

That cake looks divine, pinterest worthy on every count! I love lve the snow pics!! Thanks for sharing!

Emily Foley said...

Oh my gosh, the snow gear. It kills me. My laundry room is also the mud room--literally. There is constant mud/water/slushiness in that room and it drives me bonkers. Hats, coats, gloves, all over, all the time. I'm done with winter! Another snow day today, 8 inches of snow on my car...ugh. Once a year sounds about right for me.

Cute Valentines! Ours was totally ruined but I had plans to make filet mignon and shrimp and it was going to be totally amazing. Some other time, I guess.

Kelly said...

I think my favorite pictures are the ones of you!