Sunday, February 10, 2013

change in the wind

Lots of things on my mind tonight. This past weekend was a good one overall, except that we did our taxes and...that did not go so well. Some years are like that I guess but it really caught us off guard. Now we are wondering if we need to look at moving to the South Carolina side of Charlotte not only for the lower taxes, but also for the commute, housing prices (they aren't super cheap, but they are somewhat reasonable) and the schools.

All of the things that matter seem to be great with us looking in that area, but it also makes me sad. I really love where we live and I love our church ward (congregation). I love the shopping, the rural areas around us, the trees, the family-friendly feel, and Maddy's school. I think part of things is that just the idea of moving back to South Carolina, even though it is basically Charlotte, just makes me feel like we are moving backwards. I know that that is dumb, but I don't think I can explain just how hard our times in Charleston were for us. I think anything that reminds me just makes me freeze up.

So...this is what is on our minds. We haven't decided anything, mostly this is just me talking out loud. We will obviously try to make the decision that works the best on all fronts, but I must be getting old because the idea of starting completely over in a new area (it's across town, so we really don't know it at all), with new schools, new church, new everything, seems daunting and stressful. I don't know what happened to the old me who liked change. I think I've just had too much of it lately and just want things to settle down. All things in due time though.

What about you? Do you crave some change or are you like me and just want life to be settled?


luvnmy10 said...

Ive been settled for 12 years, I'm ready for change!! But too much too often is not good, its almost like it reverses, the change has become your constant and the stability has become the new thing you crave. Youre still the old you, thankfully, just ready for some non-change change!

jane said...

I don't think life ever settles--even after you pass to the other side of it. We just have moments of peace, and time to appreciate the tender mercies when there is no apparent peace.

Even if you stayed in the same house, things would change around you as surely as the earth keeps spinning. (Hope that sounds like the hug it's meant to be!)

Still, it's good to gather information (like tax rates) before you make a decision on your next move! But that one item may or may not tip the balance in the final equation. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. (Or don't get what you didn't pay for.)

But then, you already know that there is no perfect house---only perfect spouse and perfect children! (Just no perfect in-laws in this life!)

love and hugs :~)