Friday, February 1, 2013

diary entry of a real (mildly) desperate housewife


I have been cleaning all morning (while trying to keep track of a two year old and encourage him to stay in visual range while not wrecking the progress I was trying to make), and yet I still have so much left to tidy up. it is defeating me!

I smell like a skunk. I need a shower badly but I want to finish my chores that probably will not ever be finished. Need to come to grips with reality and find an ending point.

Found dried up pieces of crust and bread under Maddy's bed. ??? don't ask me
all the photos in this post are old, but still cute

Finally finished a multi-day process of going through kids clothes and getting things sorted by seasons and sizes and weeding things out that are too small. That just means that I now need to make a trip sometime to the consignment shop and drop them off (and then a few hours later pick up the things that were not wanted). Around here work just creates more work!

I need to sweep the floor while Grant is napping because he freaks out if he sees the broom. Not in a scared way, but in a "fight me to the death until I give him that awesome broom to hit things with" way.

I am hoping John doesn't have to stay late to work again tonight. He has been there late almost every night this week and somehow Grant has been super terrible every day this week. I think the two are related, don't you?

I still need to upload photos of the dressers I got. I decided to keep Maddy's dresser as it is for now (maybe someday I will paint it), but I sort of like the wood tone. We finally got it lugged upstairs and in her closet and it is amazing compared to her defunct dresser. I hope to never buy another piece of laminate junk furniture again. Friends don't let friends buy junk furniture. Remind me of that next time I'm in ikea and tempted.

I am sooooo looking forward to the date night that John "Pumpkin Pie" Savage has planned for us. It is our first date night in months and months. I told John I am over the "dinner and a movie" date. I want something different where we can actually look at each other and talk. He looked sort of bewildered at first and then took it as a fun challenge. We are going to a new restaurant neither of us has tried before and then to the bookstore for browsing and possibly hot cocoa. That sounds like a relaxing and fun night, I can't wait!! Also, I am printing out some conversation starters this afternoon to take on our date so we don't just talk about the kids. I liked this and this. (Have you ever done something like that? I keep laughing about it--I think it will be dorky and fun). Double bonus points for John? He called and lined the babysitter up himself. I know, I know....luckiest girl in the world right here.

Lastly, I am thinking my new number one priority in our next house will be laundry on the second floor. Can I get an amen? AMEN.


BexxT said...

We bought a one story house. No laundry problems and it is glorious :) Can;t wait to see the dressers. I love new old furniture. Especially heavy good stuff.

Missy said...

That date night sounds wonderful! And you certainly deserve it for such a long week. I hate it when my husband works late or is gone.

Emily Foley said...

When we started switching babysitting with our friends and going on dates twice a month Dave printed out conversation starters to ask on the first date. It cracked me up and also I was surprised there were things we didn't know about each other. I miss dates big time.

I need a non-IKEA dresser! Also, the broom situation made me laugh out loud.

jane said...

J & J tie in first place for luckiest spouse in the world, according to me

love the broom thing! How does G feel about vacuum cleaners?

remember that dirt will always be with us...and in the garden, that's a good thing!

still wanna see the dressers!

love and hugs

Lori said...

I am getting caught up on your blog today. Grant sounds a lot like one of my boys. The rowdy one ;) But he looks so innocent in the pictures! I always say to Jason that it's a good thing that P is cute because it saves him sometimes.

Carrie said...

I too laughed out loud to the broom thing too :-)

luvnmy10 said...

I love a good date night. Kudos to for John for taking teh lead and to you for providing some interesting activities. I look forward to hearing how it went. We recently watched the movie, Date Night. It had some inappropriate parts, but I was so happy to hear the wife, Tina Fey say that her fantasy "date" would be to spend a night alone sitting in a hotel room with no one climbing all over her and drinking her own cold Sprite. Her husband was shocked that she wanted time alone. I found it comforting that at least one other person, the writer of the screen play, gets it that sometimes moms just need to not be needed. You might not be there yet, but I am there, sometimes, just for a break,, not all the time. I hope no one out there thinks I am not happy in my life, I am, its just that once in a while, I dream of being alone, with a sprite. : )

Kelly said...

The broom thing made me laugh! Granty is just so stinkin cute looking though. I would have a hard time not giving him everything his little heart asked me for! The hot cocoa mug at the end made me think of the movie chocolate, and pretty much I want some! Mine never looks that divine! Stupid swiss miss!