Monday, February 4, 2013

dresser do-over

 I spent most of Saturday priming and painting and sanding and removing hardware and then doing it all over again multiple times. The end result makes me happy although I need some touching up in a few spots that I didn't realize would show once the drawers were in place. The above dresser is actually Maddy's dresser and I decided to leave that one as is for now. But I said I would show it to you, so here you go.
 Both dressers had drawers that looked like this. Remember that little square around the drawer pull, that comes up later.

 So here is the long dresser that I got to hold our t.v. and house all of the toys we have. It is a HEAVY beast, which is exactly what I wanted. Heavy beasts are not attractive in mates, but very attractive in furniture. (also I just realized John is standing like a weird person in the back of this photo. I think I may have asked him to help block the light. But it still makes me laugh. Hi honey!)
 The color of the wood was actually decent, but I knew it would look updated if I painted it and I really liked the look of my old dresser, so I decided to try and paint it in a similar fashion. Also, you'll notice one of the pulls was coming off (on both dressers actually).
 At first I thought I would probably replace the hardware, but that always does two things. 1. It adds some expense--especially with several drawers and 2. Sometimes it is hard to find pulls that match up with the holes and I didn't want to fill in the holes because I am both lazy and it takes forever and never looks great for me (although I did read about another type of hole-filler that is supposed to work much better and not shrink as much, so I may try it on another project). I decided that with the new paint this aged brass might actually look good.
 I did decide to take the little swirly thing around the round knobs off. They were just nailed on with tiny nails. I also realized that the square part (I told you it would come up again) was also nailed in place. I decided that it would update the dresser to remove those and it would also be much easier to paint.

 So here it was post-removal. Maddy was helping me during this whole process and was pretty mad at me when she saw what was beneath the squares, ha! I told her not to panic and to trust Mommy. We went outside and I taught her how to sand the front a bit smoother. We didn't take it back to natural wood--no need. Just got it smoothed down.

 Then my Handy Maddy helped me prime. She wanted to paint the whole thing herself and was getting annoyed with Mom who only let her help with the flat rolling parts. :)
 What the dresser front looked like after priming. If you haven't painted before, you might be tempted to panic at this point. Don't panic, this is looking just right.
 So is this side portion. Always better to do it in thin coats. Then I sanded the primer down lightly with a sanding sponge.
 After the first coat, you can still see the outline and brush strokes. Still no need to panic.
 It's a long process. I think I did either three or four coats. I have rough kids so I wanted to be thorough and I put the coats on nice and light.
 This was the dresser that was there before. You can see if you look closely that it bows slightly towards the middle. You can also see that two drawers are missing and we replaced them with baskets. It was missing those when we bought it. I told you it was falling apart. :)

 The worst part was the drawers would not tightly hold the rails underneath and they would come down suddenly if pulled. It scared me that the kids were going to hurt themselves and we always had to get their toys out for them--which is DUMB. Never have toy storage your kids can't do themselves. Sheesh Savages!
 Our new dresser. All cell phone pictures. I'm sorry, the mighty have fallen! I will take pretty pictures someday again.
 I actually really love the hardware now
 You can see how the small drawers look without the fancy scrolled piece around them anymore, or the wooden square. Much simpler and, I like to think, nicer looking.
 I left the feet and the top unpainted.
 You probably can see the spots I missed painting in this photo. :) I need to touch it up tonight after little kids go to sleep.

It felt so great to get back into furniture painting again. But...I forgot how much work it is, especially with kids (and in winter, when you have to paint inside!) But John and I love how it turned out. And we especially love knowing the kids can get their own toys out without taking their lives in their hands.


Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

You're amazing! Can you schedule a trip to CA next year? We're moving back to the US in December and my house needs work!!! It would probably be cheaper for me to fly to you to CA and work for thrift store ways than for me to decorate by myself. lol

JosephSavage said...

Wow, this really came out great! Always impressed at the breadth and depth of your home-making skills!

Missy said...

A-maz-ing!!!! I love it! I live how you left the top too. Looks classic. Great job as always!

jane said...

JDS reads your blog and comments! There is life in the north country, I am so glad to see!

Also very glad to see the lovely results of your handiwork! And happy to see that you are training up apprentices of the next generation!

When are you coming out to paint a set of drawers out here that is in desparate need?

love and hugs

luvnmy10 said...

This turned out fantastic!! Seriously, we need to have you come down for a week..that leaves time for play and time for you to help me with some projects...think painting a very long church pew with milk paint after banging it up some with chains and hammers.... sounds kind of fun, right??? You name the week.... I'm here all the time, all the time... ALL THE TIME... just sayin.

Carrie said...

Ooohhh Jennifer! I like it!! Very nice dresser you found and a wonderful paint job! Job well done =D

liz said...

You are awesome!!! I love your style and skills!