Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i am an OLD peevish lady and I will keep capitalizing OLD until I get my hair dyed and feel young again

Some random thoughts:

on facebook today I said I had cabin fever. My friend (hi emily!) said, Get out! I contemplated why I didn't simply just leave the house and there were a few reasons I came up with: Normally I would love to get out of my house but when I am trying to be frugal I stay home to avoid temptation (or last minute snack purchases or kid wants etc.).  Does anyone else do that? Does it drive anyone else crazy to know you shouldn't go anywhere--does it make you want to go somewhere even MORE just because you know you shouldn't??
 Also, I don't think I phrased it correctly. It wasn't cabin fever. It was kid overload fever. John has been gone every night this week either due to work or taxes and I have had the kids all day. I've had chronic headaches every day this week. Oh, and we thought we owed over $2,000 in taxes to the state of North Carolina and that was depressing the heck out of us. I needed a vacation from my problems Bob.
My last reason is that sometimes it is worse taking little kids out and about. My kids are often mutants at stores. That's the long answer to a situation that no one really cares about. But hey folks, that's the point of these random thoughts--I can talk about useless junk that no one cares about. Woo hoo!

I think I need to detox from the internet. but then who would i have conversations (albeit fakey internet ones) with all day?? I think this means i need to meet more real people. hey, don't make fun of my lack of friends and my plethora of imaginary ones. no, but seriously, don't.

I was a doubter, but now I am a believer in the green smoothie. but I am not a believer in flax seed. flax seed is gross. a necessary gross sometimes, but gross. but hey, at least I have inched over the line into healthy right?

my hair is SO gray (no really, even John couldn't look me in the eye and deny it). and it is coming in from the last time I had John dye my hair for me which was a long time ago. it looks terrible. I asked John if I could pay someone to professionally do it and he was so happy not to have to do it himself that he agreed even though he knows what it costs. ladies, if you ever want to get your hair dyed without feeling guilty, have your husband do it a few times.

speaking of gray hair, when the heck did I get SO OLD. I'm sorry to any of my family that is reading this and is older than I am, but all of the sudden this year I feel like I look really old and I move around like an oldy, and suddenly I get all tongue-tied around the hip young women that babysit my kids because I suddenly realize that I'm the mom with two kids and gray hair and I'm supposed to be OLD and know stuff. except that I'm just OLD and don't know nothin'.

i should probably mention that we don't owe $2,000 in taxes. Why in the world do I bother to pay H.R. Block if all they are going to do is get my taxes WAY wrong and give me secondary heart problems? Oh mylanta.

in good news, we probably owe nothing, we got a check in the mail for about a hundred bucks from our house closing back in august (weird) and aetna is going to pay a bill that I got just recently, but was from an E.R. visit back in 2011. That was a shocker to get in the mail. And a pain to track down the right people to figure things out. but it was worth it because now I don't owe them either. being a full-time mom is basically code for being a full-time "call-the-insurance-company-and-wait-on-hold-for-half-your-life-while-your-kids-are-crying-in-the-background-with-runny-noses-so-the-insurance-will-pay-what-it-says-it-will-pay-in-their-handbooks."

now, on to bigger and better things. namely, sleep.


Anne Lake said...

I feel you about the gray hair thing. I was just thinking the other day that I need to give in and accept it rather than "highlight" it away. I had to laugh about being around the young women babysitters. I just started having a 12 year old watch Cillian and it is so funny/awkward to be around her. She is so different than I was at that age. She is confident and talks!Half the time I don't know what to say to her. Glad you had a few bright moments with the check and insurance. It is always nice to have those moments. And if you need human interaction more, call me :)Much love!

Melanie and Jared said...

I'm going to get on an h&r soap box. I had them do mine one year (on my birthday, what a mistake) and I watched him enter numbers wrong repeatedly. I had to tell him to make the right deductions, he didn't care how much I donated because he said it didn't matter, it way did. I was in tears. I don't like them. Thank you, that is all.

jane said...

You need a good laugh, so here are few....

Should we tell you that T hardly does ours anymore--it's almost all done by turbotax but the signatures. Would you trust a computer program? (hehe!)

I kept the color I was born with til the youngest was out of high school, because I really didn't want people to think I was his grandma! You might like the color rinses, which I hear tell are pretty easy to use but I have no knowledge of that, directly. (hehe)

The only thing I like about speaker phone is when I'm waiting on hold--the muzak is bad, but wearing out the outer ear is worse. The only funny thing about runny noses is that it's just about unbelievable to me, how fast they run away, because the owners of said noses grow up. (no joke!)

So is NC lookin' a little better, with the adjusted tax rate?

love and hugs

Kelly said...

The last part is SOOOOOO true! I am on hold a lot and it usually is with insurance companies! Wish we didn't have that in

Erin said...

I just randomly clicked on your blog off of Teagan's blog and good grief did I laugh at this post.

This is EXACTLY how I've been feeling lately - stir crazy and home bound due to lack of cash.

Oh, and also gray. Very, very gray. And when you're a mother to a two-year-old, you shouldn't be should be 24 and blonde and perky. :)

maugers said...

I love that you get tongue -tied around young women! I feel old too! But I recently started playing pickleball, and that made me feel so young! The average age of players is 70 :) Seriously, their weekly newsletter also talks about funerals that week! haha (maybe not haha, it's kind of sad). Anyway, my advice? Pick up some pickleball!

Lindy said...

I just died my gray (out of the box), and am rather pleased with the oerall color, though it probably won't last long.

I H-A-T-E waiting on hold, and I hate most companies' customer "service"...nothing gets me grumpier faster.

Lindy said...


*dyed (not died)

RaeLynn said...

I totally hear you. I think I need a break from the internet right now but it's pretty much my only connection to the outside world when I have a not-so-great bladder day. And being on the phone all the time? Yeah, SUPER LAME.

I'm so glad you got the taxes worked out. What a pain!

Robin said...

If what you say is true and you have found a green smoothie recipe that doesn't taste like pureed grass, I so want the recipe. Post it on Facebook for the world to enjoy because, seriously, I've tried lots of "good" recipes only to want to gag and I LIKE salads!

And yeah, it does seem like I am constantly on hold while kids are crying in the background. Glad to know I'm not the only one!!!

Yes, it is an exclamation point day!!!