Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my day

Love is:
 babies that somehow manage to mark up their face accidentally even when you are carefully supervising them with markers (and with the darkest color possible)
 homemade breakfast dates on sunday mornings with just me and my girl
 cutest boy in the world
(had to add two similar photos because they both were cute for different reasons). sue me, i'm helpess against the cute!!
 bathing beauty after eating cream of wheat
 mom putting the playfood in the baskets fifty million times in a row so that you can go shopping and dump the baskets into your little cart fifty million times in a row
 and then they pay you at the cash register with coins that they promptly demand that you give back

 stepping over this mess all day (even though it makes your eye twitch) because it's the principle of the thing, and you are teaching your kids to work (and teaching them how to not make your eye twitch)
 clean underwear that magically appears in your drawer (scandalous!) haha
 a bed that gets made day after day
 hidden love notes uncovered at unexpected moments
 books read to mom at night
 a glitter treasure box of markers
 a tall stack of freshly laundered delicious smelling and fluffy wash cloths, ready to go
 puddle jumping
 puddle jumper 1

 (in motion)
 (in falling motion)
 puddle jumper 2 (nice action shot!)

 puddle jumper mad that I made him hold still for two seconds

 Take THAT mommy! (puddle jumper 2 cracking up over naughtiness of puddle jumper 1)
cups of cocoa after wet clothes are pulled off and cozy clothes put back on

 not telling babies about the marshmallow on their face. we just laughed at him and took pictures. and...we nicknamed him Count Chocolate
 pensive Count Chocolate
 sitting in the laundry basket your mom needs to use so that someday you might be able to wear socks that actually match, unlike today
 honey from my beekeeping parentals. yum
coming upon this sight at the end of the day.

in a nutshell, love is work. but it's good work.


jane said...

pininterest, eat your heart out!
Your pics are huggably wonderful!


luvnmy10 said...

Socks that match are highly overrated! Love the pics!

Kelly said...

The picture of grant jumping in the puddle made me think of the boy on jumanji that turns into a monkey!

Emily Foley said...

I haven't read blogs in weeks so I'm catching up today and this post just made me so happy. You are a terrific mom.