Thursday, February 7, 2013

random photo overload

 I know some of you follow me on instagram and so you see these photos twice and I feel kinda sorry about that but I hope you don't mind too much.

First off, some delicious cheeeeesy enchiladas. I post this picture because people asked for the recipe. I am sad to tell you that I am no Martha Stewart, the recipe that I use is always the one on the side of the green enchilada sauce by Old El Paso. But it is SO good that I never bother with any other. It uses chicken, cream cheese and green chilies inside. Delicious. I omit the olives because John hates olives.
 Such technology junkies. But the awesome news, they were sitting playing quietly. WOW
 I just thought this next series of photos was funny. Daddy dog-pile!

 Those kids love their Dad so much. As soon as Grant wakes up every morning (without fail) he asks where Daddy (and then Maddy) are. Without so much as a "good morning Mom I love you too thanks for getting me out of this crib." But I have to laugh because lately Grant asks where "John" is because he has figured out Dad's name.
 We have been trying really hard to be good about FHE (family home evening for the non-mormon folk around here). It has been really fun and Maddy is our number one fan.

 Grant likes the refreshments part. That is CHOCOLATE. Don't worry.

(it's a repeat photo, but John's face just makes me laugh in this one).

 Two days ago Grant climbed out of his crib and I was all turned around by it (it's kinda a crazy story about how I found him out of his crib. It scared the living daylights out of me) and so I found a cheap and CUTE bed frame on craigslist the same day. Then I realized that the bunky board I got was too small (it shifted and fell when we sat on it). The bed apparently is an antique and therefore is 3/4 size not twin. Luckily the amish can custom make us a new one for cheap. Only sad part is it will take almost a month to get. But in the meantime, I took my smart Aunt's advice and put Grant back in his crib and acted like I didn't know he could climb out. I was SO glad she told me that (it's so obvious, but I was freaking out about it for some reason because I knew he was too small to handle a bed). So this bed will hopefully wait for a few more months. Even then we may put the mattress on the floor to help the transition (which I should have thought of before, but I still love the bed frame and hate to have mattresses on the floor, so I'll still call it good).
 Granty cracking up as Daddy played This Little Piggy. Over and over and over...
 These pictures are all jumbled up as usual. I did manage to get Grant to sleep on the bed and stay there on the first day. It was a MAJOR feat of strength and will power. for both of us.
 Maddy getting her turn with the piggies
 Okay, this picture cracks me up because Grant told me that he had put something in the shoe box. I went over to investigate because he was being very insistent that he needed my help. As I walked over to look he ran the opposite way and climbed up and started eating my cereal. Was this a plan?? This kid could be Navy SEAL Black Ops in a few years.
 The original love story of a boy and his dump truck.
 Maddy dressed up for FHE for some reason. I found it adorable.
 I'm trying to take more pictures of John because sometimes I get focused on the kids and I like seeing photos of this guy.
 I like his eyes in this one...watching to see Maddy make her move.
 Ah yes, and then the other night we took Maddy to frozen yogurt to celebrate a perfect kindergarten report card. And Grant mostly ran around and Dad finished his yogurt.
 Which makes for a happy dad

and a happy Madds (who mostly covers her's in candy). I know I'm getting old because all that candy on top grossed me out ha

 look, they are holding hands and I caught it on camera! heart heart heart

I mostly took the picture to show that she got a ribbon of which she was very proud. she will probably never get this ribbon again because mom is not that good.

 I found him like this one afternoon and it was too cute not to photograph

 After Maddy and Grant's dentist appointments (no cavities, this is a flipping miracle) I took them out to lunch at the ubiquitous McD's. It was such a small thing, but it made me so happy to have them both with me and doing something fun. Plus, when you are little, your mom taking you out to lunch is really special. Heck, even when you're old it's special. Even if it was McDonalds.

 and last but not least, me showing off the refreshments at FHE. don't ask me why they are called refreshments, it's a mormon thing. but boy is it a good mormon thing.

next post, remind me to tell you the story about calling the police on the druggies in the doctor's office parking lot. it's been a strange couple of days around here.


RaeLynn said...

i can almost taste the cheese through my computer. Oh how I miss cheese!

jane said...

I can't believe you got a spindle bed! I had one growing up, but it finally got left behind when we went to Oz, or came back from there, or some such move....

I love M's FHE dress. She is sooo pretty! And Mr. G doing black ops for cereal--oh no!

Ask J to tell you about how we took a couple of dowels out of his decrepit crib so he could get out but not fall out. It's just a different solution--but mattress on floor is good.

McD's will live forever--that was our treat when the broncos won last fall, because they gave out 2fers!

Can't wait to hear about the druggies!

love and hugs!

luvnmy10 said...

smart aunt, hahahahahahahah youre funny!

Kelly said...

Smiled through your whole post!