Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a book of revelations

So friends, the word on the street is that we didn't get the house we bid on. I was extremely disappointed about it. The thing about foreclosures is that because it is such a good deal, you start to convince yourself that you will never find something priced so great that you love so much. I found myself getting so wrapped up in the one that got away and then I reminded myself that the house did have some things about it that I didn't love. And it did need some work. So, that mostly leaves me here to try and balance my reaction because we all know that this just means that there is another house out there waiting for us. Not the end of the world. Disappointing, but not even close to the end of the world.

this was put into more perspective when my sister called me with some bad news from their corner of the world. actually, her call came literally minutes after my agent told me about the house. so it was a double whammy of blah. but her sorrows overwhelmed my dumb ones as was right. of course I won't share what is going on for them, but my sister also happens to be that dear friend that I wrote a post for a few days ago, and so with what happened yesterday added on top, I just feel so sad for her. I know they will make it through--i know that my sister is strong. she is even stronger than she thinks she is. In our family we have had this long standing joke that there is a little black rain cloud, and once it finds your house it is usually difficult to get it to leave (this came from an experience that included my dad cutting off a few of his fingers while my mom also happened to be temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. remind me to tell you about that time in our lives someday. oh man.) So we know a little bit about this little black rain cloud in our family, and he was over the savage house for the past year or so, and it seems to have switched to my sister now. But I want her, and everyone that has their own cloud, to know that it will be okay. Remember this? I really truly believe it. I chant it to myself when things are going badly.
I am here on the other side of a bad bad time in our lives when everything seemed pretty hopeless and I can tell you, it will get better. like of anne of green gables said (and we all know how wise she was), "everyone has a book of revelations in their lives" and sometimes the hard times are the ones that teach us the very most about God and how He loves us and wants to bless us. hold on tight. and we love you kelly and justin.


Emily Foley said...

Life is so hard. I'm sorry for your sister and I hope the black cloud moves on for her. SOON.

jane said...

I've lost count of how many times I've reminded myself and other people that "if it's not ok, it's not the end." Because it is true. It is also true that Anne of GG was a very wise lady. I am glad we have books--even books of revelation.

I will put K&J on the temple roll when I am there tomorrow. Maybe we can't take their burdens, but we can help make them easier to bear, with angels lifting them.


luvnmy10 said...

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Lindy said...

I have no idea if this applies, but I like thinking of this quote when I feel my own little black cloud is permanently stuck in place:

"In the pain, the agony, and the heroic endeavors of life, we pass through a refiner’s fire, and the insignificant and the unimportant in our lives can melt away like dross and make our faith bright, intact, and strong. In this way the divine image can be mirrored from the soul. It is part of the purging toll exacted of some to become acquainted with God. In the agonies of life, we seem to listen better to the faint, godly whisperings of the Divine Shepherd." - James E Faust

Kelly said...

Thank you! I saw that quote the other day and really liked it! And you know I love Anne of green gables!