Sunday, March 10, 2013

another week goes by in which the savages dominate the world (or something like that)

 I know what you're thinking:  we have hit an all-time low, this blog is now posting pictures of coconut milk.. may be right. blame my Mom, she's the resident hippy in my life and told me to give this to my kids with orange juice. she also told me that it would cure us of every known malady to mankind. so, i now expect to live until I am 126. If I don't, I shall be very put out.
 kinda like this guy (he was actually just annoyed that Maddy dared to fall asleep when he wanted to play with her). this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.
 sometimes i get a wild hair and i want to bake something that I had once fifteen years ago. well it hasn't been quite that long since I had raspberry pie, but it felt like fifteen years. i put a crumble topping on it. oh susannah, it was good.
 this kid is crazy, but at least he is cute. occasionally.
 i caught them snacking on apples like this one day. little known fact: apples taste better on top of tables. true story.

 i bought some seeds from the dollar store because 1. i knew Maddy would love to plant some things 2. I have a very scientific curiosity to see if they will grow since I only paid a quarter for each packet. if they do grow i will have paid cents for each carrot. i find that both a worthy investment and an interesting science experiment. i will keep you posted.
 I didn't grow these. but i am thankful to whoever did for cheering my countertops and life up
 another little known fact (if you are a doofus like me): two year olds are the world's worst kite fliers. actually, i thought I bought him one of those tiny tiny kites. turns out i bought my poor little son some sort of inflatable princess kite. i have serious doubts about my intellectual abilities when I am forced to shop with two kids.
 Maddy did much better with her kite. I didn't have to disentangle her from string like a deer stuck in twelve pounds of barbed wire fence like I did with Grant.
 Grant trying to bird watch. I think this would constitute the birds watching him.
 I was told to take this picture of her posing to save the soccer ball goal. She would not get up until I took the photo. I know this because I refused to take a picture for a good four minutes and she refused to budge. I blinked first.

Maddy blowing up her "goo." this was for Dr. Suess's birthday because apparently there is goo (actually I was told it is "ooblek") in one of his books. my thoughts? gross

  I'm making you look at multiple pictures of the Maddy's homework assignment because we were pretty darn proud of how our Leprechaun trap turned out. She did the work herself (except for the dangerous sawing of toothpick sticks with a serrated knife), but I helped her figure out a design plan. It was based on a leprechaun trap my little sister did when she was tiny.

 the wee leprechaun will climb up this ladder and jump onto the small white pillow on the other side to get to the gold. only then will he realize that there is NO ladder to climb back out. gotcha!
 we're pretty much sure this is going to work. we're about 97% sure.
and in other random news, here is Grant playing in the playhouses while Maddy does her ballet class. this place is genius. and cheap. but mostly genius (cheap IS genius!)

 we were in a store and he tried these on all by himself and I wanted to buy them SO BAD because...well look at him! he looks amazing. my kid is so cool. this is just a guess, but I am pretty sure even Tom Cruise didn't look this cool at age 2. just saying.

 speaking of cool, here is my other cool kid. we decided to take Maddy on a date with the two of us. We had someone watch Granty and we all went to see the new Wizard of Oz movie (The Great and Powerful Oz I think it's called). While we were waiting for Dad to get in from parking the car we snapped this picture in the theater.

 Maddy has only been to maybe two movies in the theater, so this was a pretty big deal for her. she was really excited. She is such a sweetheart--even if she did keep asking if the movie was going to start YET. ha, I remember doing that to my parents. payback.
 we even let her get popcorn and a soda. she was so amazed that we let her buy soda. yeah, we are THOSE parents. ugh, i hate parents like us.
 and then one time I made a funfetti cake because, um hello, it's FUNfetti! and I don't know why, but when I walked past the box at the grocery store I just knew that one of these days I was going to need more fun and more fetti in my life. between this picture and the picture of the pie, I would say I have a serious sugar and baking addiction. so...maybe we aren't as much of THOSE parents as i might have led you to believe. gotta balance out the healthy coconut milk hippy stuff somehow. am I right or am I right?

 game night. are we predictable or what?

 this time Grant got to stay up and play too. he mostly liked the shaking part. oh, and when we would freak out because he kept getting yahtzees. pretty much anything that lets him give people high fives makes his world a far better place.

and this sight was just sitting there after I helped get the kids ready for bed. doesn't it look so rumpled and cozy? oh yes. and on that note, I am headed to do some serious kindle reading. wish me luck, i need a new book. read anything good lately? what this world is in need of is another all-engrossing series that everyone can obsess about and act like they hate it but secretly they love it. if only i could write that series. but instead, that cozy bed is calling me. happy sunday friends, hope something really exciting and marvelous happens to you this week (and me too please).


Missy said...

You were cracking me up! Loved this! You were Ina roll tonight!

Tara, Doug, Isaac, Lucy, and Brooklyn said...

Jenn, my love. I caught up on your blog. It took me one hour and 31 minutes to catch up on your blog. I didn't realize I hadn't made it past the "B's" on my list of bloggers since November. Wow! After reading all of this, here are some thoughts:
1) I loved Merlin. We just finished season 5 on Friday night. I will admit to some love/hate. But there were incredible things.
2) One of you pictures of Grant wearing a beanie is absolutely breathtaking, and should be entered in every photo contest you know about.
3) You post about a home versus a house is awesome.
4) There were several moving posts that made me think, "This would be such a great submission for my Time Out for Women contest!" There was one about a typical day as a stay-at-home mom that was incredible.
5) You are so funny.
6) I wish you were here so you could do the playdate at my house tomorrow.
7) Thanks for your kind and encouraging posts on my blog. You are one of the very, very few people who ever writes anything on my blog, and it makes me happy to know that someone is reading.

Kelly said...

That leprechaun trap better work!! It brought back good memories! Good luck on the house and I love your kids they are just the sweetest things!

Emily Foley said...

No good books. I'm dying.

How was the movie?

WE ALL need more funfetti.

I'm dying that your kids will eat apples with skin. How did that happen?

val said...

i'm mesmerized by that raspberry pie. thanks a lot.