Sunday, March 17, 2013

sunday night

 scenes from a sunday evening. the kids getting a bath to start the week out right.
 I came upon this book propped up on Maddy's bed against the wall. Apparently during naptime she was busy drawing pictures and reading and also putting random toys into bins. Let's take a closer look
 looks like a nice assortment of cars, american girl cookie trays, a vintage fisher price figurine laying on a bed of shamrock beads. makes complete sense

what was she reading up on? The all-important things like how to tell who is a high-ranking Norman and what were mottes and baileys. Coming on little scenes like this one are one of my favorite things about being a mother. It's like a little glimpse into my kids' minds. This particular tableau expresses who Maddy is quite well. The doll stuff mixed with jewelry and the book propped up so she can look at the pictures. And even the book she picked is classic Madds. She loves anything "non-fiction" (her words, she is very into telling me the differences between fiction and non-fiction these days). She loves to tell me all sorts of facts she learns about animals and history and math from school. Today I asked her to name five things that describe a turtle. One of her first answers was "Oh, turtles are a reptile!" Oh....I was thinking things like, Turtles are slow and green. She is one smart cookie. She loves to tell me all about molly-cules (molecules) and likes to count the vertices on shapes around the house. The other day we were laying on my bed while she read to me some books I checked out for her from the library. One of the books was about a cat named Doris who saved her owner by waking him up when there was a fire in his house. It was a true story. Then came the part where they found poor Doris and her owner was holding her (seemingly) lifeless body in his arms. Maddy got so choked up she could hardly read, and it was so sweet and tender. I told her, don't cry  Mads, keep reading, it will be okay! She said, "Poor Doris, she was such a good cat!" Luckily Doris survived, but it took Maddy a few minutes to recover. I will have to be more careful of what I check out! She is such a sweet and empathetic little girl (except perhaps when it comes to her little brother bugging her) :).

and what about Grant? well that little boy is going through the two's and feeling the sorrows that come with it hard. every other decision (putting on socks, eating WHAT for breakfast? sitting in which chair?) seems to be a tantrum. I grit my teeth and try to understand the frustration that must be the world of a little guy who has his own definite ideas but is not particularly great at communication or boundaries yet. He's getting easier to understand. I love when we are in the car and he says carefully, with spaces between each word, Mama. Go. Back. Home. Pease! Now! He is a homebody, and that suits me just fine most days (until it really doesn't suit me at all and then I torture him by going to places that require him to be in a hated grocery cart!) He has the biggest toothy grin and so much energy. He adores his sister. He wants to drink out of big kid cups and could play in the kitchen sink all day. He wishes he had his own set of keys and he is almost always smiling when I get him out of his crib. And best of all is when I rescue him from the crib, I am rewarded with post-nap snuggling into the crook of my neck and shoulder. Sweet boy. Ornery, but so sweet.

 Sometimes I forget to write these little things down about my kids, but they are so important to jot down and remember! I know someday these little things will change into something new and I don't ever want to forget how sweet and cute and funny they are at these respective stages. I'm so grateful for the little things--the books propped up in bed, the drawings, the cute prayers (bless that mommy won't have to chase grant around too much, and bless daddy to be able to fix all of the x-bugs at work) that remind me that even with the hard days, there is nothing quite like being a mommy.


Anne Lake said...

Sweet kids! Maddy sounds super smart. I am impressed.

jane said...

Thanks for sharing the joy of everyday life!

Grandpa will be happy to share plenty more knowledge with M--so brace yourself!


Tara, Doug, Isaac, Lucy, and Brooklyn said...

Wow. The vertices? I didn't even know we could use a word other than "corners" or "points." Her school sounds great. And I love that she got emotional as she read. She and Isaac may need to fall in love and get married in the temple. And Brooklyn and Grant deserve each other too. Oh my word.

maugers said...

So cute :) Lydia started crying when we read the book "5 little ducks", you know 5 little ducks went out to play.... the mother duck said, quack quack, 4 little ducks came back." Poor girl, I guess I've never sang that rhyme and the whole time she kept looking for the little missing ducks! It got better at the end though :)

Katamaran said...

Hahaha Grant in the headphones made me chuckle!