Tuesday, March 12, 2013

yes it's true

we are indeed trying to buy a house. we just (FINALLY holy smokes--it took allllll day) signed the papers and our agent is submitting them tonight right before midnight. sounds kinda like ebay right? It's a long story, but apparently some foreclosures (that's what we're offering on) are done online in a sort of bidding type of thing, only of course you can't see what anyone else is bidding. You can see if other people have also bid though, so we are interested to see that once she puts in our offer. I really really really hope we are the only ones that put in an offer, but that is probably unlikely. We will have to see.

Sorry, no photos (probably not the safest thing to do, posting the realtor.com listing to a possible future address), but if we do get the house by some miracle, you know I'll regale you with plenty of horrible "before" shots. This house needs some love. But we think we see some good potential.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. Mostly pray that I don't go stark raving mad before we find out (it takes a few days at least before hearing back from the bank). Patience is really not my forte--I know, I'm such a brat. Sorry! But i hope you will forgive me. I'll try to go back to less annoyingness in the future.

But let's face it, I can make no promises.


jane said...

weare keeping our fingers and toes crossed, as well! We hope to hear positive news from you quite soon!

crazy internet bidding. worse than ebay! How does the bank know who is a qualified bidder?

Also, we *loved* every single last photo in the previous post! Can't wait to see those kiddos again!

love and hugs!

Dee in BC said...

Good luck _ I hope you get it!

Valerie said...

The house we just bought was a foreclosure too and I was really surprised by the process- I didn't know anything about it beforehand. Ours only took two days to hear back though so luckily we didn't have to wait too long. I hope things move quickly and that you get the house!