Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Spectacular

Well, we made it to Friday, and it wasn't even that hard! (Thanks three day weekend, we owe you one!)

Today I will be:

attending Maddy's Kindergarten thing-- and by "thing" I mean, the thing where you go and sit on tiny chairs and the kids apparently sing songs and present a slide show and do every other thing possible to make a mom cry. I must be strong.

putting Grant into a babysitting drop-in center while going to the above because the thought of trying to keep him quiet/entertained/not pulling everybody's backpacks out of their cubbies gives me hives. I will pay that overpriced center and be dang grateful for it too!

taking Miss M. out for lunch as a celebration/surprise! Just us two girls. It's going to be epic. Think Thelma and Louise, Kindergarten edition.

wearing my cute Target cardigan. Again. (and still loving every second by golly)

trying to figure out if I should paint the cabinets at our new house. I really really want to because we will have a pretty big overlap of time between when we have to be out of this rental and when we can move in and so it would make painting the cabinets much easier than moving in and having to keep kids away in the future. But....then I have to paint all of the cabinets in a kitchen and then MOVE. Aren't you tired just thinking of that? If you aren't, then you've never painted kitchen cabinets. Oh man.

also, I will be trying to decide what color to paint those cabinets. The overwhelming majority of my favorite kitchen photos on pinterest are white (I did an informal survey of my own pinterest and wrote down recurring themes in the pictures. *nerd alert*). Would you like to hear the top most frequent characteristics of my favorite kitchens pictures? They are: white upper and lower cabinets, wood floor, natural fiber rugs/baskets, darkish colored hardware, beadboard, big vintage inspired sinks, moldings, pendants, open shelving, dark or wood counters. I also had a fair amount of grayish/blue cabinets for the lower cabinets. Here is my dilemma. I painted my last cabinets with a kit and I wasn't all that thrilled about the longevity of that rustoleum kit. I was already seeing rub off spots in some areas that I had to touch up before we moved. I did like how it looked, but I did realize that the white looked cheap on the doors to me. I'm not sure if that's because 1. I'm a terrible painter, 2. I chose bright white which looks cheaper (I'm thinking this is the most probable) or 3. white just looks good if it is the original finish and painted white looks like cheap melamine. I loved my blue cabinets, but...I just don't know. I think part of my reservation is that sometimes when people paint older cabinets they don't look better--they just look like old cabinets with a coat of paint. Like pigs with lipstick. The type of door in our new house has a pretty obviously old design (to me) and I'm afraid it will just look bad. Maybe I can fill in some of the design?

the short answer to the entire above paragraph is WHO CARES. that is the sort of dorky back and forth that my brain gets into. Cue you feeling sorry for me and my dorky brain.

Anyway, hope you have a good Friday ahead of you too. And feel free to try and convince me one way or another about the cabinets. I'm a gutless flipflopper these days and so your convincing might work.


Melanie and Jared said...

I think you should paint it. You will probably like it more and have lots of pride in your kitchen. It will feel more you. And because it is so easy to do ;) you should also add trim to the doors so it looks more updated. Keep in mind I don't remember what it looks like and I'm not knocking your kitchen, I'm just addressing your comments

Emily Foley said...

No advice on the paint but plenty of (unsolicited) advice on the open shelving. I would rather die! The dust, the oily sticky dust you get in kitchens...I would hate that in open shelving. You'd have to take everything off and wipe it down at east once a week, don't you think?

Kelly said...

I have had nothing but white cabinets and I HATE them! They show dirt like no ones business. In magazines they are gorgeous in real life i loath them!!

val said...

paint!! i'm so happy i did. we have pretty nice cupboards to begin with, so i think that helped..i don't think they look cheap. and a big farm sink...swoon. someday.
i think i would have done white on upper and lower but we already have too much white that we couldn't afford to change out (floor tile and countertop).
open shelving would be lovely but maybe not super practical..i would have liked to have tried if i had the right layout.
we sprayed ours and so far so good. we didn't use much paint either. in fact, the guy that helped me watered the paint down so it would spray evenly. spraying is the way to go.