Tuesday, June 25, 2013

grandiose plans and sock trust issues

Hello again!

Sorry I disappeared again. I'm guessing you understand since you know that we will be moving soon and have been trying to get things done while entertaining two little kids. Want to know how that's going? (a clue: it doesn't work!). I had all sorts of great and gradiose plans for myself and the kids this summer. We were going to do different "themes" every day of the week. We were going to be visiting the library and museums and swimming and let the breeze gently ruffle our perfectly coiffed hair. None of that is happening. Especially not the coiff. Honestly we have just been trying to recover from being sick (that flu hung around for a long time!), and my health has still been not so great (my Mom always said that your body starts going down hill after thirty, and she wasn't kidding), and I have been stressed and exhausted about the new house and moving and trying to figure out things that we might want to fix before moving in. All that to say...I'm a tired stresser that has been sick on the couch with sick kids (Grant and the croup were trying to kill me. I forgot how much I hate being sleep deprived!!) and it has been survival mode all around.

Also added to the list is a new calling in church. For those not-Mormons among us, we don't have paid clergy in the Mormon faith--it is volunteer and those positions are called callings. Anyway, I was called as the Second Counselor in the Relief Society (or Woman's program). This is quite a big responsibility to add to the stack, especially since both the newly called President and First Counselor are both going to be gone for almost the entire month of July for vacation. Hold me.

But, the good news is that everything seems to be on target for the house closing in the middle of July (woo hoo!!), and with my new calling has also come new friendships. I'm looking forward to working our way through the next month and being safely settled on the other side. (but boy howdy wouldn't it be nice if I could just fast forward through the month and be on the other side). I'm such a wimp. :)

p.s. Had to add this funny story to the blog post. Today I had the following conversation with Maddy.

Me: Maddy, why don't you ever wear socks?? Your feet are always freezing!
Maddy: Well, I don't really know. I guess it's basically because I just don't trust socks.

I laughed and laughed and laughed and she looked startled at first as to why I would find that funny, but then she just laughed with me. I LOVE her.

 (below I bring you "Scenes of Summer") Next up on the need to blog list is Maddy's fantabulous birthday. I know the grannies and uncles/aunts will love and/or tolerate that post at least.

(i told her to never wake me up wearing that thing.)


RaeLynn said...

I am dying over the sock comment. Too funny. I can just imagine the hilarity that would abound if we put both her and Cole together in a room. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I know how frustrating that is, especially when packing, etc. I hope you're up and at 'em again soon!

Melanie and Jared said...

Hilarious! I LOVE that she has your sense of humor, and she doesn't even know it yet! Themed days? You are setting yourself up for failure. Instead plan on feeding them breakfast and anything you accomplish after that is awesome because you are an awesome mom!

Carrie said...

I'm laughing at you last comment about the mask!! That is one scary mask. Oh yea...the sock thing was funny too =D. Get feeling better soon!

maugers said...

I don't trust socks either :) So funny! And I LOVE the scary pony mask, that is crazy! Glad you had fun in New York City, sorry about all the sickies. I'm also super excited about your house! YEA! Can't wait to see you

val bateman said...

thanks for the sock chuckle. lol
sorry you've been sick...total ugh. kick that to the curb!
seeing your little darling do that little craft is making me think how much my annie would enjoy something like that. also, she would enjoy that horse mask. can we have it? thx. ;)

Emily Foley said...

How could she trust socks? They're always "lying" around. HA! I'm HILARIOUS.

So sorry about the sickness but I'm glad about your calling! I always have a hard time making friends until I get a calling that forces it. It'll be great for you!