Thursday, June 6, 2013

just some stuff i like (or dislike. I'm looking at you popcorn ceilings)

had to come on to the blog to say:

is it just me or is this craft room magic? the best thing you've ever laid eyes on? I want to live there! someday I will have a room just like that. complete with gumball machine that my kids will eat all of the gumballs out of without permission. if I were you I would go to the site and look around...for fifty million hours. all of her rooms in her house are that gorgeous.

the inspection went okay. always a few things to fix. am still waiting to hear what they will and won't fix. fingers crossed. next up, appraisal (fingers crossed again).

the house has popcorn ceilings. the house was built in the 90's so I'm not scared about asbestos or anything, but I keep thinking that if we're going to take them down (or board over them) we should attempt to do something before we move in because we technically will have two houses overlapping for a month and a half. but I'm SO scared/wimping out about scraping them ourselves. It's a ton of work and you don't know what you'll find underneath, and I've never done it only watched youtube videos. I might consider hiring out but I've heard that it's very very expensive to hire out. any of you have experience with popcorn ceiling removal?

i have a couple of blog friends that I've never met (or briefly one time met in real life) that I consider actual friends (am I weird?) and this girl is one of them and I just had to link to her page and her kitchen makeover. isn't it AWESOME. yes, yes it is. and I love how she writes her blog--her writing style is so conversational, to the point, and charming. we have a mutual friend--one of my old mish companions (shout out Raelynn!)--and I once sold her a bench I painted and reupholstered. how's that for random? :)

I ordered a teacher gift for Maddy's teacher and just found out it won't even ship until two days after school is out because suddenly it is backordered?! oh man, so on today's agenda is finding another gift in person (WHY IS THIS SO HARD? My mother-in-law was a teacher and so now I know that candles and mugs and candy are what everyone gives and so now I can't figure out what to give because I don't want it to cost too much, and it feels lame to give a gift card for five or ten bucks. UGH.), and I also have my follow-up appointment with my cardiologist to make sure my ticker is still ticking.

lastly, the final day of school is this friday. i have tried to prepare, but am feeling overwhelmed by the thought of trying to keep the kids entertained while figuring out moving, and packing, and everything I feel like we need to get done. (plus I need to get Maddy signed up for swimming lessons and she gets to take horseback riding lessons this summer too thanks to Grandma and Grandpa!). and in two days we are headed to NYC (woohoo!) and I am excited but sorta stressed out about how all of that is going to go with two small kids and two aunts in not the best of health. but mostly excited. I made reservations for me and the Madsters to have lunch at the American Girl store in NYC and am sooooo excited. It's sort of a dream come true for me, and I know Maddy will love it! We are taking her doll (with it's cut super short hair thanks to me buying it off ebay to save money and never getting around to sending her to the doll hospital to get her head replaced because I had no idea we'd be going to new york), but it's okay, we will still have a blast.

okay, that's the latest. gotta run!


Jodi Reeve said...

You know I like to give teachers bath and body works lotions/sprays. I stock up when they have an amazing sale and then just keep on hand.

Emily Foley said...

Popcorn ceilings built in the 90s? For real? I thought that was over in the 70s. Good luck with that.

My teacher friends say they would rather have a gift card than anything else. I buy the 3-pack of $10 gift cards to amazon at the grocery and five one to each. Cheap...yes. But better than nothing, I hope.

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

If you feeling like being crafty- I made Logan's teacher a cute wreath our of crayons, hot glue, and an embroidery hoop. Pinterest it. ;)

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

Non-crafty - gift card to Starbucks, Jamba Juice or somewhere like that.

Katamaran said...

Uuuuuugggggghhhhhh popcorn ceilings are the one reason why I HATE painting any room in my house! Who said this was cool? I wanna meet him/her!

Kelly said...

I like the gift card idea. I did a symphony Andy bar with a handmade note. She loved it! Love that sewing room I heart it! Have fun in NYC! I can't believe it is this weekend! And the lunch sounds amazing! I was never into them but even I am excited for you!

RaeLynn said...

Shout out received! :) the gift card idea is the best! Those were my favorite gifts when I was teaching.

You've got a lot going on this summer! Sounds like a blast.

maugers said...

For teacher's gifts I always get a whole bundle of ladies together and do a gift card. It ends up to be about $50, but no one has to pay much.

We have popcorn ceilings, and they're not fantastic... but they're not horrible either. I've painted them and they look much better (flat white). I've only scrapped them once, and it was when I painted and all the popcorn just came off because the ceiling once upon a time had a leak (before we moved in). I did a 8x8 foot section (we replaced the moldy parts), and it was SO messy and physically hard. But definitely not impossible. Harder than scraping was texturing it again... I had to rent a machine.

Anyway, hope that helps! I'm excited about the new home!

val said...

how fun to come upon one of my kitchen photos. thanks for the compliments, you are too sweet. it tickles me that anyone reads my blog.
i wish i was closer (and maybe not 8 months preggo) so i could help tackle your projects with you. best of luck. some things seem so overwhelming..(like my kitchen redo) but i'm SO glad i did it. i just love the result.
i'm going to look on that magnolia blog when i feel like drooling...