Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I disappeared again. I have had a nasty habit of doing that lately, but I am going to do better. So much has been going on, it's difficult to know where to start. I know what most of you are going to say: Start with showing us your dang kitchen and house! I know...I know. But sadly, I don't have the super amazing, perfect lighting, lemons in a bowl on the counter, pictures right now. I have a dirty little secret. The secret is that I don't want to post pictures even though the kitchen is mostly done, because I'm afraid we will get lazy after the pictures are taken and not finish up the small boring details (like caulking). It's the only carrot I have at the end of the stick. It's pathetic I know!

So, even though I know it's super annoying and...annoying, I hope you'll understand my neuroses and forgive me and allow me to take you through the renovation step by step. It helps me remember how far we have come! (and maybe it will be helpful to anyone that may attempt to do this in future).

But before we get into all of that, I'm currently listening to this song and thought I would share it. I love new music. Are you listening to anything new and good these days? Do tell!

 I think this is just about where I left you in the last post, wasn't it? We had to tear the whole kitchen out. This was a completely unexpected gut job--but I think I mentioned previously that we discovered a leak with mold under the kitchen sink. One torn out thing led to needing to tear out another thing, and well then we ended up pulling up linoleum and five million staples (bless you John Savage for doing that job!).  It then goes without saying that we had to tear out the cabinets and counters as well. It was sort of a steep learning curve for us there for a while--learning how to dismantle sinks/plumbing, disconnect gas lines from gas stoves (we are still alive, yesssss!), take down fluorescent lighting, remove popcorn ceilings, patch said ceilings. The list goes on and on. It was A LOT of work because we had a small budget and needed to replace almost everything except for the appliances.

Fortunately for us, John's parents happened to visit right after we had pulled up our flooring and were trying to figure out what to lay back down. John's Dad was going to help us lay something down and declared (after pulling staples for a half hour) he would rather pay someone to lay the floor for us than to have to pay a medical professional to fix his back. That was a very generous offer and we gladly (and with GREAT relief) took him up on it. Enter the Lowe's flooring guys and a great sale on pergo flooring. This seriously saved my sanity, I didn't know how we would get the flooring done with just the two of us--actually it would have only been one of us at a time in the evenings because the other person had to stay home with the kids (this was all while we were still in the rental and didn't want the kids around the live wires and saws etc.)

Once I saw the floors in, I knew that we would actually be able to do this renovation. (I was having some serious doubts beforehand!) It looked a million times better already. We also knew that since we had the floor in, we could take advantage of the Ikea kitchen sale. We were so lucky that our kitchen disasters happened during the sale, because it literally did save us thousands of dollars.
 Because we saved on the kitchen cabinets during the sale, we did pay the official Ikea installers to come in and install the base cabinets for us. We knew we wouldn't have the time before we needed to move in, and we frankly were pretty exhausted by that point anyway after trying to plan everything, move, having gutted the kitchen, etc. It was the best money we could have spent. If you are thinking about doing an ikea kitchen, let me tell you this in no uncertain terms, Pay the dang installers! You will be so glad you did. The company that did it for us told us that they end up finishing most DIY peoples' projects because they don't realize how many things go into it/can go wrong.
 So there is an in progress shot. At this point we then had to wait for the countertop folks to figure their lives out and realize they owed us countertops. Fun times.

Okay, so that takes us a step further in the renovation story. I'll post next time what happened with the Ikea planning and my take on that whole process. Are you bored yet or properly scintillated? I know I'm on the edge of my seat over here and I already know what it looks like. :)


Emily Foley said...

SO nice of John's dad! I take my parents up on those offers too. Sometimes I feel like a loser doing that at my age but man, if they want to help, I'm not too proud. :) I can't believe how much work you guys did, holy cow. I'm tired just reading about it! I sure love the in-progress shots because it helps to see how far it's come. Love your floors and white cabinets!

Sister Tara Bowen said...

So wonderful! I love your stories, and I am in awes of your abilities. I'm one of those who could have walked the plains with the pioneers just fine--it's the whole cooking without recipes and sewing and building houses thing that would have gotten me.

Katamaran said...

Missed you!

liz said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it!

luvnmy10 said...

It looks amazing, can't wait for more!

RaeLynn said...

typing with one hand. must be short. looks amazing. i love it already.