Sunday, November 10, 2013

excuse me for being a huge grump face right now

Let's talk about this week.

This week overall I would rate as a win. I got things done, I kept things pretty clean. I was a decentish parent. I made dinners and kept up laundry and dishes.

But let's also talk about today.

I would rate today a lose. 1. I went to church and was publicly derided for announcing something during Relief Society (I'm in charge of activities, and someone didn't like that the Christmas crafts we are offering might incur a small fee--which is standard for these types of things and is usually only a few dollars). 2. Someone else invited a friend to a girls night out in front of me--listed all of the other people that were coming-- and then didn't invite me (awkward).

Rough day. But after all is said and done, 1. I don't know what that girl was complaining about. We'll have some free stuff to make too 2.  I don't want to be friends with someone that would be heartless enough to do something like that anyway. I have a big problem with exclusivity like that. I mean, it's okay for people to have friends that they are close with--we can't all be best friends and we can't all go to everyone else's house every time someone has a party or whatever. But shouldn't there be a line of common courtesy? Am I crazy here??

Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to be a guy, especially when it comes to church stuff. Guys don't seem to have as much drama, and you don't have to worry about men trying to hurt peoples' feelings. They don't even think about it. They show up, they set up the chairs, they shake hands, and they go home. Sounds awesome.

Now having vented a bit, I will say that I am not feeling bitter or sad. I would say mostly annoyed. But this too shall pass. Downton Abbey was just renewed for another season. All is (generally) right with the world.

Catch you later for a normal updating blog post.


Emily Foley said...

Oh man, that is rough. You did nothing wrong announcing the craft, don't feel bad about that! Also, my husband gets publicly derided every time he conducts sacrament meeting. It happened twice today. You're awesome, don't take it personally.

Now to the girls night. I recently went to two parties--favorite things and Halloween--where the invite list was pure Mormon, but they weren't ward parties, just a gathering of friends. I blogged about both, and maybe I shouldn't have? I know it caused some hurt feelings among women who weren't invited. That was not my intention, I blog for my own memories. that's a hard thing. But also, no she should not have discussed it in front of you if you weren't invited. That's mean and spiteful, in my opinion. I'm sorry it happened. You're awesome and are officially invited to all my GnO's. :)

Jodi Reeve said...

Yay I say "Super Saturday: type things usually have some free things, and some cost items. That is totally normal.

I find in the south, there are a lot of "fake" like people, I've personally struggled with it for....oh 4 years now. I have come to the conclusion I just don't really have many "true" friends in the ward.....and I hang with non church friends more often than not, bc I feel like church is high school drama a lot of times and I can't stand it. They have parties all the time and only the "cool, skinny, pretty" people get invited and then post pics all over FB. So annoying, so I deleted them as friends bc I couldn't stand knowing when new people moved in, if they would be "accepted" or not. Chris and I host monthly "new ward member dinners" and invite all people who have moved in, and that is a great for everyone to feel included bc I know a lot of people don't generally feel that way in our ward if they don't have "the look." It is fake and sad....and I have been in your same situation so many times, so I feel for you!

Mellifluous Mommy said...

While technically the new handbook does kind of change the policy on funding activities, ("Stake and ward budget funds should be used to pay for all activities, programs, and supplies. Members should not pay fees to participate. Nor should they provide materials, supplies, rental or admission fees, or long-distance transportation at their own expense. Activities in which members provide food may be held if doing so does not place undue burdens on them.")that sister DEFINITELY should have found a better way to raise a concern!!! Anyone who has ever had to plan an activity at church should know how hard it is and that people really are trying their very best: no one needs to be publicly called out just because something isn't perfect in their plan. Ugg. Wish I could come to your activity though: I bet it will be amazing!!!

Also, it's been forever since we've seen you: we need to find an excuse to all be in Maryland again for our own super exclusive (aka -- only people cool enough to be in/married in to your family!) party!

Hope today goes better!!!! :)

Peg said...

We have a friend at church, her husband is in the bishopric and theyhave 3 kids and she is pregnant. They have sat with us so for the last 3 years or so and we help with kids. Apparently there was a Baby shower for her and I wasn't invited. I heard about it like 3 weeks after the shower. Still sorta ticked about it!

Dee in BC said...

I'm not Mormon but did want to say I understand about not being invited - it happened to me a few years when I was new at a job. The woman training me asked everyone else in the office- It was a lunch out for that month's birthday staff. I did not feel very welcome. I wouldn't take the criticism about costs for crafts personally - even though it feels that way I'm so used to clients complaining about costs / charges that I guess I'm used to it. I still remember how I felt so responsible when I was new to my position though.

maugers said...

bummer, I have those days too. And then I understand why people get so offended that they leave what is so important (church). I'm glad you handled it so well, I bet all those old ladies think you are just sweet as peaches :) (that's a southern phrase right? ) Hope tomorrow goes better! :)