Monday, November 18, 2013

my ambivalence towards roller shades

This weekend was the way I like weekends to be: low key. It seems like it's been forever since we had one like that around here.  We woke up, John went out and bought some donuts for a weekend treat, and we all headed off to Home Depot to get some screws and look at window shades. My kitchen has lots of beautiful big windows that I love. But I also love to hate them because by the time it is dinner time--the one time of day that I really go in there and got that kitchen nice and warm with cooking--it is already blazing hot because I don't have window coverings on the windows and the sun is baking that side of the house. I have considered lots of different window covering scenarios--but unless you just get the roller shade or normal vertical blinds, all of the options seem super expensive to me.

So I sat there looking at the roller shades feeling ambivalent but really needing a solution when the home depot guy suggested I consider the stuff you can squeegee onto your windows that basically reflect heat and make your windows slightly tinted. When he said tinted I had visions of dark car tinting sort of tinting, but John convinced me it was worth a try for the cost and I could hang the ineffective but pretty curtains my Mom made for me when she was here out of tablecloths. took several dang hours to get that stuff hung. What a pain. We barely had enough, and there are some major wrinkles in the window that John attempted to do himself while I was attempting to probably be lazy and/or watch the kids. We reasoned that before we went out and bought another roll, we would see how it works.

This is what my decorating has come to...a science experiment. ha! I'm actually pretty excited to see if it works, it would make my life better. It's the small things, right?

Okay, so this has probably been the most boring post in america. I also got a wild hair and painted the bottom portion of the shoe box/bench that I got for free on the side of the road. It happened lateish at night and I went searching around for a paintbrush and some leftover samples of paint from when we were deciding on our wall colors. I remembered that my Mom had gifted me an amazing paintbrush AND a sample size of Parisian Gray Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I was SO STINKING EXCITED when I remembered, like I had won the lottery! It was sort of crazy good luck because I had wanted to paint the bottom of the trunk gray (a color I have never used on furniture before). My Mom might be a psychic or something.

It looks pretty good, but I have one small point of indecision: should I paint the lid or not? I sort of like the two tone idea, but I also love the color of the paint and think it would be cool to paint a phrase on the top of the bench. I am also worried that painting the top just makes it look like some cheapy box. These are real problems people! :)

Well, I am off to get my little person ready for the day and then head off to finish buying supplies for the Relief Society craft night that is being held at my house. The R.S.V.P list keeps growing and my house keeps seeming to shrink....

pictures of the bench forthcoming, promise! (and now for some random photos of my past few weeks, just because it feels right).


luvnmy10 said...

I can't wait to see the bench! I am dying to paint my long church pew with the Annie Sloane chalk paint. Just have to do it!! You have so much energy, by evening I just want to sit and watch survivor and dream that Jeff calls me to be on the show. We buy all the old seasons and watch an episode or two a night. Lame, I know, but its what we do. Also, Maddy has the most wonderful long legs, and Grant the most bewitching smile, how do you ever discipline him?!

Sister Tara Bowen said...

I love your updates. You should take pictures right before you have company over (right, because there's no stress then, right?!) so we can finally see the reveal. You do such incredibly beautiful things with your homes. I think I have followed your blog through 5 homes now: the townhome, the big home with the red door, the South Carolina house you bought, the rental, and now your new home (which will sell within a week of being on the market, if you go with traditional success rates). You're amazing. I love learning about you.

Rene Veeravalli said...

It's natural for every homeowner to want to beautify their home. Painting your door is one easy way to revamp it, as is hanging new blinds or curtains for your windows. Good thing though, depending on what you want to achieve for your windows, there is a wide array of products to choose from. So, how did your “tinting project” go? I wish you could've shared photos though. Anyway, I hope it worked out just fine.
Rene @ Beltway Blinds

Roxie Tenner said...

Pictures of that big beautiful kitchen windows, please? So, we could see and perhaps, help you out with your experiment. Why don’t you try window films? Just don’t choose the ones that look like car window tints. Why not go for frosted or vinyl static? Roxie @

Carrie said...

That you for all the wonderful know how I love them!!