Sunday, December 1, 2013

critical me

you better click on these photos and see how pretty they are big sized. i'm telling you!

It's always really easy to be self-critical when it comes to my photography. I am a lover of perfectly clear portraits and mine always seem to fall short of my ideal and it can keep me from wanting to move forward. But the other day I finally got over it all and put my kids into some cute clothes (that's harder to do than it sounds ha) and took their pictures. I am so pleased with myself. I can still see that these photos aren't technically perfect--there are still lots of things I could have done better--but these photos sort of take my breath away because of how BEAUTIFUL my children are. Heck, I know I'm their mom, but SERIOUSLY. I keep capitalizing words because holy cow people, my kids are beautiful.
And it keeps choking me up because they are growing bigger and taller (so much taller than the other kids of their same respective ages. Tallish parents=tall kids). This little fella is fixing to break my heart with his growing up ways.

I could focus on the fact that this picture cuts off the bottom of her boot, or I can be so pleased that I have this moment--that expression--that sweet girl--all frozen in time for me to look at and boo-hoo over in the future. Or right now if we're being 100% totally honest. Gah, the tears!

Yes, instead of the little imperfections, I am happily focusing on the fact that someday all of those teeth will be all grown in and those big lovely eyes will be more likely to roll than to twinkle in my direction. I catch my breath at the glimpse I catch of her future grown-up self. I marvel that two old stinky folks like me and John were able to have the loveliest kids I could have ever imagined.

I grow more sentimental and dorky as the days roll pass. But oh, I don't mind.