Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. G turns 3!

This weekend has been a fun one. Our little Grant is growing up and turning 3 on me, all without my express permission. I used to be into this idea of overblown kid parties...and then I realized that lately I am not into overblown anything anymore. Give me the easy way. Give me the sauce pre-made, and my chicken pre-cooked. I'd rather focus on the important stuff, like cutie pie 3 year olds who are more excited about the cake than the presents.

 I mean, look at that face! So excited. My one "must have" on birthdays for my kids are balloons though. I think it makes little kids feel so special and excited, so I ALWAYS make sure to have a bunch of them.  Grant is a funny guy. I asked him what colors of balloons he wanted and he said rainbow. So we got one of each of the rainbow colors. Then we went down the party aisle to see what sort of last minute theme we could eke out based on the plates we picked and I convinced him to pick the Despicable Me minions because 1. they were blowing rainbow colored party blowers on the plates--rainbow theme check! 2-we love the minions and think they are funny 3- Granty has had a minion shirt since he was tiny and it was his favorite so we always called him our Little Minion. Awesome sauce on all counts.
 Here he is refusing to look at me for a picture. :) We took the kids (and John's brother who was here for a visit), to Ye Olde Chuck E. Cheese. I hate Chuck E. Cheese. With something of a passion. But I braved it because I knew the kids would have a blast, and they did, so give me mom of the year because my sacrifice was worth it. My favorite parts were when Grant scored a ton of baskets in tiny person basketball (he's been practicing on the Wii, looks like it works in real life), and him pulling me down to his level and whispering reverentially, "Chuck E. Cheese IS HERE!!!" and pointing to the life sized rat on the stage. Kid, Chuck E. Cheese is no Mickey, no need to whisper! ha! so cute

 We even bought them the fancy cups. Try not to be too impressed. I know it's hard.
 Here are the brothers. This picture makes me laugh for all of the wrong reasons--most of which is the fact that John is wearing a hat on his head which is supposed to make him look silly too, but you can't see it, so it just makes Tony look all the more funny. Good times.
 I have more pictures on John's phone, courtesy of Uncle Tony, but alas John is not here so they will have to wait. I am sad you have to miss John's rendition of a minion cake that he concocted while I was taking a nap after Chuck E. Cheese exhaustion. I bought the twinkies and was set to do it, but then I woke up and he had taken matters into his own hands and the result was wonky and adorable and perfect. I dub him cake decorator from now on.
 You  know things are getting wild in here when there are party blowers AND the I Can't Believe it's Not Butter on the table. Watch out!
Mostly, I want to take this opportunity to write down a few adorable facts about Mr. G that no one but me cares about and I'm sorry if kid birthday posts are boring to you, but this fellow is worth it.  So without further ado, some random facts about our three year old man of the house:

Favorite color: no clear preference as he doesn't differentiate between them yet. But he does like to take whichever colored candyland piece that his sister Maddy wants.

Favorite foods: noodles, toast, bagels (so he can lick off the cream cheese), muffins, carrots, apples, any sort of cake/cookie, pizza, and when we're baking he'll sample the flour and act like it's delicious (obviously we have a carb addict on our hands).

Favorite activities: his new love has been the Wii (not sure how I feel about this one), playing outside, running around, terrorizing cats, being offended when the cats don't love him back, running around some more, crying because he ran into a wall when he was looking back to see if I was watching him run away from me, getting really upset STILL that I have to change his diaper (potty training has started!), picking up the landline phone before I can get to it, copying his sister, helping Mommy bake, taking baths, playing with friends, telling me he "hates" everything, drinking chocolate milk, losing his binky (yes he still has that darn thing for naps and sleeping. Yes, we have tried several times to take it away. It's complicated folks. No, really.), playing grocery store, and every once in a while the best one of all--snuggling his Mom!

Grant is a complicated and yet simple fella all rolled into a rolicking, cute, handful of a guy. He keeps me way busier (and more worried) than Madeline ever did at his age. But, he is also SO funny, and likes to make jokes and tease me which cracks me up to no end. I think he looks a lot like my Mom's side of the family and am convinced he will probably end up looking a bit like my Great Grandpa Larson (who was a handsome guy when he was younger. Let me see if I can steal a picture from my cousin to prove it).

See what I mean? Strong chin/jaw, big eyes. I think Mr. G is going to be a Larson man for sure. Anyway, I love my little boy and am so amazed that it has been three years since he joined our family. I remember the circumstances of his birth SO clearly, it really feels like it happened only a year ago. Happy birthday to my darling buddy. We love you.


Jodi Reeve said...

Happy Birthday Grant!

Emily Foley said...

He's so cute! I can see the Larson in him too. Sounds like a pretty terrific birthday! And the balloons, I agree. Nothing makes my kids happier on their birthday than waking up to a bunch of balloons and ugly crepe paper.

luvnmy10 said...

How can he be 3!! I love minions and Chuck E Cheese! Good call on both! Maybe a trip south will be in the cards for you this year...fingers crossed!! happy to see you back on the blog scene, I missed you!