Sunday, March 30, 2014

it's just the old "here's some pictures with weird commentary" post

 This is one of those, holy cow look at all of the cute pictures I have on my phone that I should share with the world posts. I am positively 192% sure these are everyone's favorite posts. Oh boy oh boy you say! (haha)

sometimes I just like to send John pictures like these two of Grant during the day. 1. to prove I am an awesome mom about once a week and play with my kids and 2. to show how cute Grant is 3. well that's mostly it
 fixing up the old cars
 just playing (nicely!)
 the story of those stools is a long and terrible one. holy heck. not even worth the share.
 he hiked the mountain and rested after his efforts.
 my valentine's present was to get one of my photos printed. john's a smart guy he is. loved it.
 found this almost new bike with a balance bar on back (for helping to teach the younglings to ride) for ten bucks at goodwill. i love a score like that so I share it with the world!
you thought the days of The Blur were done didn't you? I sold my old rug and bought this one on craigslist. i love it. i'm embracing my traditional/country/cottage roots. so far it's going well. rugs and I have a complicated relationship. that's what it would say on facebook on our relationship status--It's complicated.

 we got to go on a date thanks to my friend watching my kids for me (I'm watching her's while she goes to hawaii and she feels guilty about that, and so I'm willing to assuage her guilt by taking her up on her offers of babysitting trading). me and the johnster's relationship status on facebook (if I could make them up) would have read: It's cheesy and badly-lit and adorable. also, married.
 this one time I switched up furniture. and for some reason no one was surprised. table and chairs twenty DOLLAS at the treasure store (goodwill). I need to redo the table top and paint the chairs. no biggie. 
 i have a mental issue where I must take pictures of cute sleeping creatures. exhibit A
 exhibits B and C
 one time i saved my friend the good old relief society prez from church from a broken down car. in my haste to put my car seats into the back of the van i locked myself out of my house. so we broke into my house. best part was shortly after i took this photo she accidentally (how is that possible?? it was on purpose) flung the screwdriver out of reach into the house. i wanted to die laughing over the absurdity but i was too focused on breaking into my own dang house.
 i post these pictures of my kids doing cute stuff on instagram and hate doing it because i feel like it's bragging. but i want to document how cute my kids are (not how "totally awesome and best at being the world's most creatively oustanding mother" i am). i like the instagram filters, but it comes at the price of looking braggy. that is my official online statement about it. please forgive me. the above photo was all about maddy and how cute she was being doing a dinosaur excavation in our backyard. I put together a tupperware box with random stuff and called it the Adventurer Box because I am trying to get my kids to play with their dang toys instead of being bored all the time. I thought a fancy name and a box filled with cool odds and ends might work on their little impressionable minds. just like the evil mastermind that I am planned, it worked.
 I never told you that one time when I got the exact ballard designs coventry bench that I had been coveting for months off craigslist for super cheap did i? it was my BEST DAY EVER MINUS MARRIAGE AND KIDS AND ALL THAT BIG LIFE JAZZ. that thing was 75 dollars and not even the main part of the ad. the guy was trying to sell a table and i saw it in the background and asked if it was for sale (i've been looking for months). i didn't even know it was THE ballard designs one that I had been coveting. he just wanted the room in his garage. then I got it home and saw the tag and looked up this exact set. only costs $1200 new. BEST DAY EVER. i'm still not over it if you couldn't tell.
 exhibit D
 Grant proves he is as mercenary as his parents by loving monetary rewards for potty training almost above all else.
 i text pics of goodwill finds to my friend Katie and this was a curtain panel from tarjay i found. she's buying a new house and i am very interested in spending her decorating money for her. 
 what started off as a recipe for blueberry pancakes turned into my made up recipe for banana chocolate chip and banana almost nutella pancakes. it was legendarily good. i have a problem with hyperbole in most cases, but not this one.
 "blow a bubble in my mouth maddy!" famous last words. also, he wore that headband all day. bless his heart.
 springtime down south, so beautiful. there is a whole ROW of these lining the drive out of my neighborhood. I feel like anne of green gables and her white way to light every time.
 kids and finding ice. i loved it when i was kid and it continues on to the next generation.

 sometimes i have my friend over for tea (like we're old british dowagers) and she brings me organic apples and pears sometimes. she's very concerned about my organic produce intake. well no, actually she is just adorable and loves me.
 we light candles during dinner to be cozy. plus, only diners with good manners blow out their candles. amazing how well this works. for the record, i have never blown out the candles. i'm going to work on that.
worked weeks and weeks on a special presentation for church. interviewed ladies in their homes asking how God has blessed them with creativity in their lives. it was such a cool experience. 
 sometimes you just have to buy a birdseed bell and watch the birds. i am a closet bird enthusiast.
 i wasn't going to do diddly and or squat for st. patricks day. i wasn't feeling it this year. then my friend invited me over to my house (confusing) so that she could make us all corned beef and cabbage. i am not one to turn down a personal chef. so i grudgingly got into the spirit of things and made rainbow jello. what a gal i am.
 they turned out cute in spite of my grudgy-ness.
 they look so cheerful!
 once I was in the st. paddy's day spirit, you couldn't stop me. i had to make him a leprechaun hat. worst one in the world. but BEST gosh darn photo in the world.
 i did not make those. don't get impressed except at my friend.
 i didn't make those either. well, the shirts I didn't. the kids I did. thanks mom for the cute shirts! thanks self for the cute kids!
 we try to take our kids on dates with just us occasionally. I have been doing this with maddy a lot because, i love you so much Grant (but you are high maintenance), so I need to make sure I feel connected with her. instead of a movie like she wanted, I suggested something more bonding. we made a fairy garden. it was actually super fun.
 not super well done, but super fun (plastic bag was our lake....yeah.)
 i love the house and the pail.

 i love the girl and her bow
 brother helped for this part of our date
 this is her favorite "look at my fairy house" pose apparently
 us together. look, it's a fully body shot! now all of my online admirers know the truth. i'm not really blonde, 6'0 and 175 lbs. i'm sorry for your heartbreak. (and my husband's)
 the boys got down to business and raked 21 (Twenty ONE) bags of leaves from our front yard only. I had raked up quite a few of the piles myself. but the guys did the bulk of the work. twenty one gold stars to them. for reals.
 exhibit what letter are we on again?
 i told you it was a sickness
 mango and lime and cumin, how i used to have in honduras. apparently chili powder is how most people have it. then john told me that chili powder is made up partially of cumin. but now I just don't know if that's true. all I know is that this is how I used to have it and i love it.
 strange things catch my fancy as beautiful
 and some normal things do too
 the perfect encapsulation of my Maddy's personality. part tomboy (loves dinos etc.), part smarty (she put it together), and part glamour girl (the necklace she put on herself one day).
 i told you i was embracing the cottage look. cozy quilts and stripes and don't you dare forget the five jillion pillows.
 Maddy's (almost) one woman show for homework. she made a play about a bear, a bat, and a peach. it was as awesome as it sounds. if not more so. the eyes are indeed marshmallows.
breakfast brunch, it's what we do. 

 pants holster, it's what he does.

 the light, the strawberries, the beautiful marble countertops that I still love so very much. it was all conspiring together to be beautiful.

 all her pants seem to already be high waters. dang kids and their tall ways.
 this is truly concerning how many of these I take. i really hope I keep it up until they're teenagers though. it will make for a really creepy book that I can make for them when they get older. ha
but let's end on this note instead.

i have no idea why i was so dorky on this post other than i am a dork and i was saying whatever came into my head so I could get through all of these snapshots of our day. it feels good to be back on the blog!