Tuesday, April 8, 2014

sick days

 Yesterday and today are sick days around here. Mads had a fever and sniffles and I had a huge migraine from some medication I'm on that I hate taking, but the alternative is pretty miserable too. So I just called the day a loss and took my medication because I couldn't take the pain anymore and I tried to lay low while I let my kids play Wii all day. Yep, it was one of those stellar mothering days. Not sure what else a stay at home mom is supposed to do when she is one of the sick people though. Anyway, I walked around my messy house and documented the day in pictures. Pictures help cheer me up so it was a practice in positivity, even if the house was messy. :) For example, in the picture above I was cheered up by my menu chalkboard. I love that thing and actually do use it. Too bad all of the meals on there this week are boring and not all that healthy. I wish my kids would eat soup and salad and bread every night. That's all I want to eat. Oh, and cheese. But they like cheese.
 But at least I can sneak in broccoli to casserole. I felt pretty accomplished with myself for making dinner when I was feeling so crummy. But small budget=you eat what's on your menu board.
 The kids did spend at least twenty minutes playing with the blocks Grandpa Gordon made for them a few Christmases ago.
 I also wanted to make sure that everyone knows about this amazing new addiction. If you like caramels, you're going to be addicted, just like me.
 Everyone told me to read it and I resisted until I saw a copy at goodwill. Then I wondered why I resisted so long. Sweet story.
 Remember that one time when we were young and fancy free?? This is from when we were newlyweds, pre-kids. Adorbs.
 I have my seeds all together and a little map of my square foot garden planned on a paper. We're getting serious about it this year. We planted those raspberry plants already close to the side gate we don't use. We've also torn out a bunch of bushes and are moving an annoying path of white stones. That is a huge project but I'm pretty proud of us for doing yardwork. I don't know what has come over us. (p.s. I was OVERJOYED to find a packet of that white squash--I thought I was going to have to special order it. My parents always called it Pie Squash because it looks like a pie and I loved eating it when I was a kid. My Mom would cut it into chunks and steam it and I loved it. I have serious doubts I'll be able to convince my kids to love it as well, but I'm sure going to try!)
 Potty training is accomplished! Putting back on his own underwear is not going so successfully. I don't even really care though because I POTTY TRAINED THE MOST STUBBORN KID IN AMERICA. I seriously am still amazed about it. Go Grant!!
 Looks just like what I would expect a little boy's room should look like. Messy, snuggly, books and cups everywhere. We just cleaned it two days ago.
 Set up the teepee in his room again. When they start ignoring it again I'll put it away. That way it's perpetually exciting when it reappears.
 Then I ventured into Maddy's room. I made her lay down and while Grant napped we read from her science encyclopedia. I got nervous every time the book mentioned reproducing. ha! I am not prepared for that talk yet. I need to order that book I saw about telling your kids about it asap just in case.
 Her desk is always messy. ALWAYS. I clear it off for her occasionally, or make her do it, and all that clear space seems to do is fuel more creativity and make it dirty again. I love the picture above--the drew a black cat to represent bad luck and the four leaf closer for good luck. I am still trying to encourage her art by buying her paints and paper.
 Told you, messy. It makes me laugh to see all of the things she loves--reading, markers, paint cup, and her random finds that she considers treasures--a poker chip and a bottle cap she found outside.
 Grant the avenger has been here.
 these are supposed to just be the kids wooden shoes for christmas eve (the scandinavian elves come and fill it with candy of course), but I couldn't bear to put them away. so I decided to put them as decor on my mantel.
 peeking around the corner at them playing
 I painted my chairs and i like them. I tried to re-stain my table top. it's not going that great. don't trust the minwax when it says it can go over your current stain. dumb! back to stripping it the old way. this of course teaches me (again) that there is no easy answers. save yourself the trouble and do it the hard way once. :)

 i moved this back into my eating area. i love it.
 back in my day, triaminic tasted good. they've changed the recipe completely, anyone else ever notice that? i don't think it works nearly as well. so annoying.
 uh oh, the hot cocoa marshmallows are running low. but they are stale (my fave).
 bought myself (a while ago) one nice pot. It was on super sale (because it is purple probably? the other colors were still expensive) and I use this pot all of the time. hopefully I'll have more le creuset knock offs in my future because they are awesome.
 Maddy heard me say that I wish I had a picture of a racoon wearing a top hat, so she painted me one. these are the sort of weird things she overhears in my house.
 Grant is always bringing in some rocks to add to his collection. they end up in strange places (and eventually back outside).
 awww. :)
 thanks trader joes for the best thing ever. try it on banana pancakes. your life will be changed. (for the fatter) but still, changed.
 playdough, flowers, markers, laptop. a still life.
 more art
 more blocks

 more cute (less pants)
this is our life. it's messy but it's pretty darn good. migraines and all.


RaeLynn said...

Oh my word. I loved this post. I love that you documented the reality of the day. Their bedrooms especially. I have vague memories about my bedrooms growing up but no pictures to document it. they will love you for doing it! And the art! Oh, the art. Cole has done so much that we had to start scanning it and chucking it but some of them are just too precious to throw away. Sorry about the migraine- those are nasty.

luvnmy10 said...

I am sad that you are not feeling the best, but I love this post. The pictures are wonderful, how great that you document the normal stuff too! Can you imagine being your grand daughter or great grand daughter if you only preserved photos we "approved" of or that depict our life on ideal days?? We should record every day, some with warts and some with out!! Love your kiddos!!

Emily Foley said...

I love these posts SO MUCH.

We had the talk with Isaac when he was 8 and it wasn't bad at all. But when we were at the aquarium last week and the turtles were "reproducing" he had no idea what was going on, so maybe it didn't take?

I feel like I wouldn't know how to use one of those pots. What do you use it for?

Soup is my favorite meal and NOBODY else likes it in my house. Those punks.

Congratulations on the potty training. That is BIG.

Never had pie squash. Hmm. Now I want it.

Do you think they sell those caramels in Gallup? Heh. I looove caramels and can't get enough of the werthers ones lately.