Monday, March 30, 2015

monday morning randoms

Kelly's British Midcentury Living Room

Kelly's British Midcentury Living Room by jthesavage featuring multi colored accent chairs

A few Monday morning thoughts:

I created the above collage/room for my sister. I think I mentioned she is moving into a new house, and we like to pretend to decorate it. Her style is updated midcentury modern with british/welsh accents. I introduced her to the magic of polyvore (do you know polyvore?). It's the way I decorate before I buy anything. It's fun.

John starts his new job on Wednesday. He has his last day at his old job today. He gets tomorrow off! I know he's nervous, but I think he will do great. Change is scary, but we think this will be a great change for him.

So I lamented on facebook how my hair dryer just mysteriously stopped working without any warning signs. I had tried it in all of the bathroom plugs and no dice. So I went out and bought myself a new one and plugged it in....and it DIDN'T work, in EITHER of the bathrooms. Turns out the electrical was having issues! It's fixed now, but I couldn't believe it. What are the chances every outlet in both bathrooms would have issues at the same time. In good news, my new blowdryer is amazing. So I'm not that broken up about it.

I want to see Freetown, and it's actually showing in Charlotte! We're gonna go!

Long story short, today we are buying gerbils. Maybe two of them. How did I become this person???? My kids are so excited and they are paying for a chunk of it with their saved up chore money.
But did this happen to a nice girl like me?
It goes without saying, I will never be cleaning that cage. (and before you laugh, Maddy is the best pet owner in the world. I have never cleaned the litter box or fed the cats either. She LOVES animals).
But still.

My house will never stay clean. Is it because it's a one level ranch, or we have too much stuff, or because of kids or all of the above. It's starting to drive me CARAZAY. So glad we're adding small rodents to the mix. That's gonna help.

Easter feast is on my mind. We do it old school, with ham, rolls, au grautin potatoes, frog eye salad. But then I realized that I invited a gluten free vegetarian family over. What in the H am I going to feed them? Bird seed? Why do all of my friends have to be so new age? They are probably wondering why I have to be such a chubby carnivore. It's a match made in heaven.


RaeLynn said...

This post. You had me laughing through the whole thing.

Also, I could use a good hair dryer. With a diffuser.

Emily Foley said...

Oh my gosh, what did you feed them?!

I'm aching to buy a house but I will not live in a one level non garage home ever, so I think it's not going to happen. I NEED MORE SPACE I TELL YOU. AND A BASEMENT, FOR THE LOVE.

How's the job?