Monday, March 16, 2015

Random thoughts because I'm distracted

Random thoughts this Monday morning, because I can't focus enough to start working on my other writing.

1. The other day on the way into a mutual friends house to hang out, one of my friends handed me a book. It was titled A Girl Named Zippy. She did it without explanation, and I took it and put it into my purse like we had just conducted a book drug deal. Which makes a lot of sense since books would definitely be my drug of choice if they were illegal. I had no idea of the premise of the book when I started it last night, but let me tell you, I have not laughed out loud in genuine delight during a book in a LONG time. It is amazing. My friends know me so well. If only I could write a book like that!
2. I'm waiting to hear on some news about John's job, and the suspense is killing me. Killing me I tell you! 
3. This weekend was a really really good weekend. Best one I've had in a while. We caught up on house chores, played lots with the kids, lit candles during dinner, took turns lazing on the couch, made chocolate cake, hugged and kissed on our kids a lot, washed their hair to smell like peaches, talked about how we would spend our money if we had lots of extra, and watched Planet Earth until we fell asleep. That's a good weekend. We may not have everything, but I really love my life. I have the best little family.
4. But if I did have everything, I would travel to Austria first thing. It is just about the only thing on my bucket list. Paris, Italy, and England wouldn't be hardships either.

5. I've started annoying everyone I am close to by sending gifs as text messages. I don't think anyone thinks it's as hilarious as I do except for maybe John. But he might just be saying that because we share close quarters. My favorites usually involve either animals being human-like, or Dumbledore looking irritated. Classic.
6. My day goes infinitely better if my bed and the kids' beds are made. So I'm trying to be more on top of that. Conversely, I've given up on laundry and dishes. I know a losing battle when I see one.

7. My sister is buying a house!! As is right, I am pinning lots of projects for her to do in her new house. I'm so dang happy for her and her family. And for my future pinterest activities.

8. The other day Grant was scootering around the house on his little red scooter after I fed him lunch, and he stopped suddenly and looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I know all of your secrets." I was amused but intrigued and asked him, "Oh really. Like what?" He looked around casually, like he was making sure no one was listening and said. "I know you going to take you sandwich and eat it while watching a mommy show." I laughed and said, "Very true. How did you do that?" And then he started laughing like a maniac and got serious all of the sudden and told me, "Mom, I can read you like a magazine!" and scootered off. I couldn't stop laughing. Since he can't read a magazine, I guess my secrets shall remain safe....for now.


Kelly said...

Oh I've missed this blog!

Bryan said...

Haha...what an awesome blog post. Made me smile in the middle of an otherwise long day.